1. I love these predictions! I think reading labels on more than just food will be huge in 2017. I have really seen it take off this year especially when it comes to beauty products and cleaning supplies and am sure it will become even bigger in 2017.
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  2. Who knew all these things were around, haha. I have heard a lot of the charcoal mask but have never done it. Brushing teeth with it sounds disgusting, but maybe it does something? I want to join in on the fitness and fun. Never done BBG but really have the urge to!
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  3. I love seeing veggie subs on menus! And creating with them myself…
    And I have a couple future posts about this, but I think you make a good point about the oils and spiritual stuff. I’ve learned a lot about that in teacher training, and while I’ll always be a bit of a skeptic, it makes a surprising amount of sense.
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  4. The more fermentation, the better. In all aspects of life, lol. GIVE ME ALL THE PICKLES!!!!
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  5. Did you see this?
    Haha! I agree with the ones I hope to see go in 2017!
    (But rock on saurkraut!)
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  6. I really hope Lord willing to be more aware of helping to protect and care for God’s World and be mindful of it. Thank you for the reminder! And I’ve tried activated charcoal. It actually works so well. And I need to do more fermented foods…
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  7. I love these! I have a charcoal facemask that I think is super effective. And funny, I’m going to an event called Taste of Fitness in January that features a bunch of local fitness studios and socializing (Columbus, Ohio)… so I’m starting out my 2017 with Fitness + Fun!

  8. I loved this post and totally agree with each of your points. I’m most excited for the continued growth of fitness as a social/fun part of people’s lives! I hope the idea of Runcations and “wellness weekends” catch on!

    I’ve been really curious to try a charcoal face mask – maybe i’ll have to ask Santa to put one in my stocking!

  9. I love the idea of it becoming common to check labels of cleaning supplies and what’s in our air (like candles/plug-ins). It’s just as important as what we eat, but I feel like it gets skipped over. I’ve also fallen into the charcoal thing! I have the nose strips for blackheads LOL!
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  10. Love this post! Right now I’m super into gut health (well, have been for awhile) and getting a Pinner Test done. It’s insanely pricey but I think it’s worth it.

  11. This is so fun!!!! I have tried brushing my teeth with charcoal capsules that I cut in half – it works!!! It isn’t super dramatic, but I notice a difference. I’d DEF recommend doing it at night because sometimes the little black particles stick around in my gums for a bit, but they are gone by the AM haha. I love the fitness getaway idea! So random but what a fun girls weekend/ bachelorette idea!

  12. Leggings as pants will make it some day…. it really will!

    These are fun to predict… It makes me think of how popular beachbody was in 2014 and now i rarely see anyone doing it. It’s fun to think about what’s next!
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  13. I have never tried a charcoal mask haha. I’m with you on the veggies changing – fast food places have already amped up their salad offerings so much. I also think there will be more plant based/vegan products, meal delivery services and more seed bar options. At a nutrition conference in October, I saw tons of sprouted watermelon seed bars (they are AMAZING!)
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  14. This post was so fun to read, I loved all of your predictions! My charcoal face mask is actually the best one I’ve ever tried… as for brushing my teeth with it though, that just sounds scary haha! Great post!
    XO Kelly |

  15. I have to agree with all of your predictions – especially charcoal and I just don’t get the attraction! I feel like it’s getting more and more popular and I’m taking more and more steps away from it because yeahhh… black sludge isn’t appealing.
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  16. Okay give me all the fitness + fun days/weekends! I’m all about turning races into vacations and really getting the whole experience of a new city/trip along with the excitement of a race. This was so much fun to read! You know what I would like to become a trend? More quick restaurant options for healthier food. Like Panera, Chipotle, etc, places with healthier options for when you’re on the go. Or maybe I just need to move to a bigger city where that is more of a common thing:)
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    • Preaching to the choir! I want to plan ALL the racecations possible :) I’d take more healthier quick-food options, too.

  17. DOWN WITH CHARCOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have so many stomach issues it’s stupid. And someone recommended I try charcoal. NOPE. I was sick and couldn’t move (like I had the worst food poisoning ever) for 3 days straight. THIS GIRL loves to eat and never misses a meal, and I couldn’t eat AT ALL when I took that crap! So I despise charcoal and hope it DOES NOT become a thing! :(

    • I have only ingested it twice (after an accidental glutened situation) but I do like the beauty products. So I can’t speak for the charcoal juice/shots/food products as much as the beauty side!

  18. Leggings as pants are already a corporate thing. ;-)
    (Those are on my post-baby splurge list. They will definitely be worn to work.).
    Love that kraut!! I have the jalapeno one in my fridge. I definitely hope the health and wellness community starts (or continues I guess) influencing the larger market. It would be so nice to have better food options around when I don’t want to cook.
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    • Might be adding those pants to my list too! And I agree…having more options for healthy prepared food (everywhere, not just cities) would be great.

  19. Love this post!! Especially the insight on fermented foods! I am alllllll about the kraut right now and would love to see more people start eating it more frequently in the new year! So good for you.
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  20. This is great. I saw an ad on facebook for charcoal toothpaste which made me really uncomfortable. Wouldn’t your teeth get stained black?
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  21. We have the same hobbies!! I definitely think a year long worldwide ‘sabbatical’ to try out all of the emerging health and wellness trends is on the cards… ;)

    Charcoal bread seems to be the thing in London…

    I’d never heard of adaptogens but will be on the look out to see if they start coming through over here :)


  22. I LOVED this. I was totally cracking up throughout it… I’ve been meaning to try the charcoal toothpaste, so I’ll get back to you. I have been loving all the healthier options lately at restaurants – I had fish over zoodles over the summer in SOUTH CAROLINA. And let me tell you, SC is usually behind on everything. And as for leggings at work… a girl can dream. Although, I’ve been on the hunt for some comfy joggers I can try to jazz up for work!

  23. Emily I love this! Gosh you’re so on point with everything. As my husband would say, “hashtag trendy”.
    I have yet to try any charcoal stuff but (obviously) see it all over IG.

  24. This is so on point! I just wrote a post on my blog on the same thing basically (a review on Well + Good’s trends) and it’s so similar. Can’t wait to try it all out and hear what you have to say! xx
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    • I didn’t plan the timing of my post around Well + Good’s trends but I’m obsessed with them so it worked out nicely :)

  25. I lol’d at “BBG is so 2015” haha I still do the exercises sometimes! I only went through it once. It’s hard. I love how willing you are to try new things, it’s really admirable. I’m kind of the opposite. I get all skeptical of any new trend that comes out, but it makes me deeply curious about why people are so into it.

    • I still do it BGB occasionally. It’s hard! In most aspects (of life) I’m very hesitant to try new things, but when it comes to health/wellness/sports I see “new” as exciting instead of scary. I’ll take what I can get!

  26. This is so so fun!! I love charcoal masks actually- my sister introduced me to them- she is always ahead of the times lol! I foresee a lot more people going plant based, more crazy printed leggings, more people getting into meditation/spiritual health and more natural beauty care regimens!