TOL: Sunsets and Sneakers

Thinking Out Loud Thursday always comes at the best time. Lots of random things going on lately. I sure do love lists…


1. I just got back from a (very) quick family vacation. We took a last-minute overnight trip to the beach to soak up the last few days of summer. I know everyone says this, but seriously, where did summer go?!


2. Sunsets on the water never get old.


3. Pretty sure I ate every color of the rainbow for lunch yesterday (I had grapes and blueberries on the side) #delicious

4. Finally- new running sneakers! I’ve been wearing only one pair for two months now (breaking a cardinal runners rule, I know) so I’m glad I can start rotating shoes again. Bonus that they were on sale!

5. This whole not working thing is kind of nice. I can see how after a few weeks I would get restless but my to-do list and naps have happily filled my time.

6. My two best friends both unknowingly tagged me in this Instagram photo…


7. I’m finally getting my hair cut today. It has been way too long since my last visit and, in turn, my hair has gotten way too long. My ponytail bothers me so much when I run and I’m tired of dealing with knots. Can you tell I have a low-key beauty routine? Not going too short, just slightly below my shoulders. I’m thinking this length…


8. Made it to a Body Pump class on Tuesday. I haven’t been in a few weeks so my legs felt it yesterday (thank you, squats). The class was half Body Pump half CX-Works (a Les Mills core-focused class). I didn’t love all the CX-Works tracks but the class served its purpose and worked my abs.

9. Want to know what I’m beyond excited for? Football. Yes, football. Pre-season is underway and we are less than 30 days until the official first game. The Eagles are kind of my life and I’m so ready for kickoff.


10. Living in the now. My mind keeps racing toward August 21 when I head back to school. That day might as well be tomorrow with the amount I think about it. While I’m trying to take the next two weeks to mentally prepare for the transition, I’m also trying to soak up the now and make the most of my time at home. Challenge accepted.

Thanks, Amanda!

Who’s your favorite football team?

Do you like your hair long or short?

Digestion Questions

Don’t worry, no gross or graphic topics!

I’ve had stomach issues my entire life. I was always told “it runs in the family” and I just put up with the pains and unfortunate symptoms. When I was finally diagnosed with celiac disease at the age of 13 I thought my stomach problems would finally end. No more indigestion, bloating, constipation, etc. Free to eat anything (that was gluten-free) and not suffer consequences. Well, the 6+ years since my diagnosis haven’t been as picture-perfect as I had imagined. Don’t get me wrong, I feel a million times better than I did pre-celiac, but I have a feeling that there could be more to the story.

As I’m writing this I feel sick. I just have the usual symptoms (indigestion and bloating), but they appear more often than I’d like. I’d say I feel like this once every 2-3 weeks and it lasts a minimum of 2 days. I eat 100% gluten-free, so being “glutened” is not the issue. Plus, I know what being glutened feels like, and this is different. Also, I’ve tracked my pains and they don’t follow a pattern or have anything to do with my monthly cycle.


I could very easily experiment with my diet and/or get tested for other allergies or food sensitivities, but here’s where the problem comes in: I already am limited in the food I can eat because of celiac, so why limit myself even more? Is how I feel right now the best it’s going to get? Am I just over exaggerating my symptoms?

I’m on the fence…
I brought this up to my mom today and mentioned reverting back to eating simple/plain foods (rather than those with GF breading, sauces, etc.) because that has never given me problems. She (semi) scolded me saying that I already don’t eat gluten and dairy (along with the other foods I’m picky about), so I can’t restrict myself more. She said I’m being too rigid in my diet and it’s not healthy.

I completely understand what she’s saying, and for the most part I agree. But what if something I’m eating is contributing to my pains? What if I’m sensitive to a certain food that, if I eliminated, might make my digestive system a little happier? Should I try the paleo diet, because other people seem to have great success with it?

But on the other side, what if I find out I’m highly sensitive to one of my favorite foods (i.e. peanut butter, which I know people are sensitive to)? Or what if nothing is wrong with me and this is all in my head?? My gut is telling me something is wrong (no pun intended), but my mind knows that severely limiting my food choices could spiral out of control. Are my stomach pains worth changing my diet? Is this just “part of life?”

Not sure if this is the case...

Not sure if this is the case…

Ok, done with the questions for now.

I have a GI appointment next week so I plan to discuss the situation then, but still, my mom’s comments scared me. I don’t want to label my diet (other than gluten-free) and I especially don’t want to give up food that I love…but I want to feel better. I don’t want to let this issue linger any longer. I want to take control of my health, even if it means modifying my diet.


What do you think about experimenting with food/diets?

Do you label your diet?

Workouts + Weekly Reads: Feeling Strong

Happy Sunday! For the first time this summer I’m not dreading Sunday evening because I’m done with my internship and can sleep in tomorrow morning. Anyone else get those Sunday night blues? These next two weeks will be a welcomed break before I head back for school.

On the workout front, this week was pretty great. I felt strong during every workout and I fit in 2 (maybe 3 if I go today) yoga practices. What’s kind of been lacking lately is strength training and cardio other than running (aka spinning…I kind of need to get back into that because I go back to teaching soon). But, you can’t always do it all and right now, what I’m doing feels pretty darn good.

Monday: 3.25 + 10 minutes weights (I did 10-1 reps of KB swings, KB upright rows and push ups)

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: 6 miles (4/6 miles under 8 min mile pace…good for me!)

Thursday: Orange Theory. It was a “tornado” workout which meant equal time on the treadmill, rower and in the weight room. It was less running than normal and overall an easier workout. Wasn’t worth getting up at 5:30, in my opinion. (2.25 miles + weight circuit)

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: 12 miles. I was nervous about the weather since last weekend’s heat was not fun, but I was pleasantly surprised. Even though I would have loved for it to be 10 degrees cooler, it didn’t affect me much and I felt strong the entire time. It’s getting me more excited for the marathon. 3 months from yesterday!

Sunday: Hopefully yoga


My favorite posts lately:

I Know The Secret To Skinny- The Healthy Maven

It’s Okay Not to Be- Long Drive Journey


Looking forward to a great week! xo

Life in Pictures

Happy Friday! It’s my last day of work so that makes for an extra special Friday. I was invited by Linda to join her “Life in Pictures” link-up so I’m happy to take part today.


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A look into my life lately…



Bathroom work selfie

Bathroom work selfie

My new favorite flavor

NEED this

Night reading

Night reading

Hope you have a fabulous Friday! xo

Any Friends fans understand the notebook? ;)