Back to (Yoga) Basics

A few months ago when I was injured, yoga became my go-to exercise. A workout I once dismissed as too easy or boring became my hobby. I felt so much peace after every class, both in mind and body. Therefore, because I had such a great experience I now feel it is my personal responsibility to force encourage everyone I know to try yoga too. So far I’ve succeeded in bringing two friends and my cousin to classes and this summer I made it my mission to bring my sister to a class.

Saturday morning while waiting for Body Pump I casually checked the yoga class schedule, intending to sign up for a Sunday class. But when I saw there was a 10:45 Beginners Yoga that day, I had the brilliant idea of dragging my sister out of bed to go to the class with me. After blowing up her phone with texts she finally agreed to come and I, being the great sister that I am, left Body Pump early to meet her at the studio.


I might be one of those people…

I had never been to an actual “beginners” yoga class before, so I was excited to learn (or re-learn) to the basics. One of the main reasons I love yoga is because it emphasizes listening to your own body. Leaning deeper into stretches when it feels good, backing off when it doesn’t. Focusing on YOUR pose and YOUR breath rather than looking around at what other people are doing.

The instructor did a wonderful job of incorporating breathing exercises, simple stretches and standing poses throughout the class. I’m usually so accustomed to rushing into Warrior 2 but today, I was given the time to correct my form and sink breath with movement. I loved watching my sister learn new poses and accept adjustments from the instructor.

The instructor never said anything about the class being “easy” because that wasn’t the point of it. The point was to introduce new people to the awesome benefits of yoga and to remind the non-new people (aka me) that slowing down our practice isn’t bad. Sometimes slowing down and going back to the fundamentals is necessary…for happiness, health and even sanity. I’m grateful I went to this class because it reminded me that yoga really is not about being flexible. It’s about being present on your mat and giving your body what it needs: love.


P.S.- My sister loved the class and wants to go back. Props to me ;)

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  1. Sarah @pickyrunner says

    This just reminded me that I need to go to yoga this week. It’s been months and I miss it.

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