Best Easy Cranberry Beans Recipe Mexican

Best Easy Cranberry Beans Recipe: Mexican Delight

Cranberry beans, also known as borlotti beans, are a versatile and nutritious legume that adds a delightful flavor and texture to any dish. Originating from Mexico, these beans are widely used in Mexican cuisine, offering a rich, creamy taste that pairs perfectly with a variety of spices and herbs. If you’re looking for a simple yet delicious recipe to incorporate cranberry beans into your meals, we’ve got you covered!


– 2 cups of cranberry beans, soaked overnight
– 1 onion, chopped
– 2 cloves of garlic, minced
– 2 tomatoes, diced
– 1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and chopped
– 1 teaspoon cumin powder
– 1 teaspoon paprika
– Salt and pepper to taste
– Fresh cilantro, for garnish


1. Drain and rinse the soaked cranberry beans, then set aside.
2. In a large pot, sauté the chopped onion and minced garlic until fragrant and golden brown.
3. Add the diced tomatoes and jalapeno pepper, cooking until the tomatoes soften.
4. Stir in the cumin powder and paprika, allowing the spices to release their flavors.
5. Add the cranberry beans to the pot and cover with enough water to fully submerge the beans.
6. Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce the heat to low and simmer for about 1 hour or until the beans are tender.
7. Season with salt and pepper according to your taste preferences.
8. Serve the cranberry beans hot, garnished with fresh cilantro for an extra burst of flavor.

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1. Can I use canned cranberry beans instead of dried beans?
Yes, you can substitute canned cranberry beans for dried ones. Be sure to drain and rinse them before using.

2. Can I freeze leftover cranberry beans?
Absolutely! Once cooked, cranberry beans freeze well in an airtight container for up to 3 months.

3. Can I add other vegetables to this recipe?
Of course! Feel free to experiment and add your favorite vegetables like bell peppers or corn.

4. Can I make this recipe in a slow cooker?
Yes, you can. Simply follow the same steps, but cook the beans on low heat for 6-8 hours.

5. Can I make this recipe vegan-friendly?
Absolutely! This recipe is naturally vegan.

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