Best Easy Flans Mod Recipes 1.7 10

Best Easy Flans Mod Recipes 1.7.10

Flans Mod is a popular mod for Minecraft that adds a wide variety of customizable vehicles, weapons, and even aircraft to the game. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this mod is the ability to craft and customize your own vehicles. Here are some of the best and easiest Flans Mod recipes for version 1.7.10.

1. Helicopter: To craft a helicopter, you will need 5 iron ingots, 1 glass pane, and 2 redstone blocks. This recipe will provide you with a basic helicopter that you can use to explore your world from the skies.

2. Tank: For a powerful ground vehicle, you can craft a tank using 7 iron ingots, 2 blocks of iron, and 1 redstone block. This tank is perfect for battling mobs and exploring rough terrains.

3. Fighter Jet: If you’re looking for some high-speed action, craft a fighter jet using 12 iron ingots, 3 glass panes, and 1 redstone block. Fly across your world in style and take down enemies from the skies.

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4. Bomber Plane: For some explosive fun, craft a bomber plane using 10 iron ingots, 4 glass panes, and 2 redstone blocks. Drop bombs on enemy bases or create chaos with this incredible vehicle.

5. Motorcycle: If you prefer a more compact vehicle, craft a motorcycle using 3 iron ingots, 2 wheels, and 1 glass pane. This speedy vehicle is perfect for quick journeys and exploring narrow paths.


1. Can I use these recipes in other versions of Minecraft?
These recipes are specifically for Flans Mod version 1.7.10 and may not work in other versions.

2. How do I install Flans Mod?
To install Flans Mod, you will need to download and install the correct version of Forge for Minecraft 1.7.10. Then, place the Flans Mod .jar file in the mods folder.

3. Can I customize the vehicles?
Yes, Flans Mod allows you to customize the vehicles by adding different types of weapons, armor, and accessories.

4. Can I use these vehicles in multiplayer?
Yes, you can use these vehicles in multiplayer as long as all players have the Flans Mod installed.

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5. Are there any other mods that work well with Flans Mod?
Some popular mods that work well with Flans Mod include Optifine, Smart Moving, and WAILA.

6. Can I create my own vehicle models?
Yes, Flans Mod provides tools and resources for creating your own vehicle models.

7. Can I use these recipes in survival mode?
Yes, you can use these recipes in survival mode, but you will need to gather the required materials first.

8. Are there any other Flans Mod recipes available?
Yes, there are many more Flans Mod recipes available. You can find them on various Minecraft modding websites and forums.

9. Can I use these vehicles in creative mode?
Yes, you can use these vehicles in creative mode and have endless fun exploring and creating.

10. Do these vehicles require fuel?
Yes, some vehicles in Flans Mod require fuel to operate. You can use various types of fuel, such as coal or oil, to power your vehicles.

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11. Can I add more weapons to the vehicles?
Yes, Flans Mod allows you to add different types of weapons to your vehicles, including machine guns, missiles, and cannons.

In conclusion, Flans Mod is a fantastic mod for Minecraft that adds a whole new level of excitement and customization to the game. With these easy recipes, you can craft and explore your world in style with various vehicles and weapons. So, grab your materials and start building your dream machines today!

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