Best Easy Herbalife Pink Starburst Tea Recipe

Best Easy Herbalife Pink Starburst Tea Recipe

If you’re a fan of the popular candy, Starburst, then you’ll love this easy and delicious Herbalife Pink Starburst Tea recipe! This refreshing drink combines the flavors of strawberry and lemon to create a tasty and healthy beverage that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

To make this delightful drink, you will need the following ingredients:

– 1 cup of unsweetened herbal tea
– 2 scoops of Herbalife Strawberry Shake Mix
– 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice
– 1 cup of ice cubes
– Stevia or any other natural sweetener (optional)


1. Brew one cup of herbal tea according to the package instructions. Let it cool for a few minutes.
2. In a blender, combine the brewed tea, Herbalife Strawberry Shake Mix, lemon juice, and ice cubes.
3. Blend until all the ingredients are well combined and the mixture is smooth.
4. Taste the tea and add stevia or any other natural sweetener if desired.
5. Pour the mixture into a glass and garnish with a lemon slice if desired.
6. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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This Herbalife Pink Starburst Tea is not only delicious but also packed with nutrients. The Herbalife Strawberry Shake Mix provides a good source of protein and essential vitamins, while the herbal tea adds antioxidants and other health benefits. Plus, it’s a great alternative to sugary drinks and can be enjoyed guilt-free!


1. Can I use a different flavor of Herbalife Shake Mix?
Yes, you can experiment with other flavors like vanilla or wild berry for a different twist.

2. Can I use sweetened herbal tea?
It’s best to use unsweetened herbal tea to control the sweetness of the drink. However, you can adjust the recipe to your taste preferences.

3. Can I use frozen strawberries instead of the shake mix?
Yes, you can substitute frozen strawberries for the Herbalife Shake Mix. Just add them to the blender along with the other ingredients.

4. Can I make this recipe without the lemon juice?
The lemon juice adds a refreshing citrus flavor to the tea, but you can omit it if you prefer.

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5. Is this recipe suitable for vegans?
Yes, as long as you use a vegan-friendly protein shake mix and herbal tea.

6. Can I use a different sweetener?
Yes, you can use any natural sweetener of your choice like honey or maple syrup.

7. Can I make a big batch of this tea and store it?
It’s best to consume the tea immediately after preparation for optimal freshness and taste.

8. Can I use hot tea instead of chilled tea?
For a warm version of the pink starburst tea, you can use hot tea and skip the ice cubes.

9. Can I add other fruits to the tea?
Feel free to experiment with different fruits like raspberries or blueberries to enhance the flavor.

10. Can I use a different brand of shake mix?
While this recipe specifically mentions Herbalife Shake Mix, you can try using other protein shake brands if desired.

11. Can I use this recipe as a meal replacement?
This tea can be a delicious and nutritious addition to your diet, but it’s recommended to consult with a nutritionist or healthcare professional before replacing meals with it.

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