Best Easy Mega Melons E Liquid Recipe

Best Easy Mega Melons E Liquid Recipe

If you’re a fan of fruity and refreshing e-liquids, then the Mega Melons E Liquid recipe is a must-try. This recipe combines the flavors of ripe cantaloupe, sweet mango, and juicy papaya to create a delicious and satisfying vape juice. The best part is, it’s incredibly easy to make at home!

To make this e-liquid, you’ll need the following ingredients:

– 4% ripe cantaloupe flavoring
– 3% sweet mango flavoring
– 2% juicy papaya flavoring
– 1% sweetener (optional)


1. In a clean mixing container, combine the ripe cantaloupe, sweet mango, and juicy papaya flavorings.
2. Stir the mixture well to ensure all the flavors are evenly distributed.
3. If you prefer a sweeter vape, you can add the optional sweetener at this point. Adjust the amount according to your taste preference.
4. Allow the mixture to steep for at least 24 hours. This will help the flavors blend together and enhance the overall taste of the e-liquid.
5. Once the steeping time is complete, transfer the e-liquid to a clean and sterilized bottle.
6. Shake the bottle well before using to ensure the ingredients are well-mixed.

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1. Can I substitute the flavorings with different fruits?
Yes, you can experiment with different fruits to create your own unique flavor profile.

2. Can I add more sweetener to make it sweeter?
Yes, you can adjust the amount of sweetener according to your preference.

3. How long should I steep the e-liquid?
A minimum of 24 hours is recommended, but you can steep it for longer if desired.

4. Can I use this recipe for sub-ohm vaping?
Yes, this recipe is suitable for sub-ohm vaping.

5. Can I add nicotine to this e-liquid?
Yes, you can add nicotine to the e-liquid according to your desired strength.

6. Can I use this recipe for pod systems?
Yes, this recipe is suitable for use in pod systems.

7. How long will the e-liquid last?
The e-liquid should be consumed within a few months for optimal freshness.

8. Can I adjust the flavor percentages?
Yes, you can adjust the flavor percentages to suit your taste preference.

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9. Can I use this recipe for DIY e-liquid businesses?
Yes, you can use this recipe for personal or commercial use.

10. How many ml of e-liquid does this recipe make?
This recipe yields approximately 30ml of e-liquid.

11. Can I mix different brands of flavorings?
Yes, you can mix different brands of flavorings to create your desired flavor profile.

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