Best Easy Pressure Canning Recipe Books

Pressure canning is an efficient and safe method of preserving food for long periods of time. However, finding the best recipes that are both easy to follow and delicious can be a daunting task. To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of the best easy pressure canning recipe books that will help you master the art of preserving food.

1. “Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving” by Judi Kingry and Lauren Devine: This book is a comprehensive guide to canning, including over 400 recipes for everything from fruits to meats.

2. “The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving” by Jarden Home Brands: A newer edition of the classic Ball canning book, this version includes updated recipes and techniques.

3. “Canning for a New Generation” by Liana Krissoff: This book focuses on modern canning techniques and includes recipes for both traditional and innovative preserves.

4. “Preserving by the Pint” by Marisa McClellan: Perfect for small-batch canning, this book offers recipes for preserving fruits, vegetables, and condiments.

5. “The Amish Canning Cookbook” by Georgia Varozza: This book features recipes inspired by Amish traditions and includes tips for successful canning.

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6. “Put ’em Up!” by Sherri Brooks Vinton: A comprehensive guide to preserving, this book includes recipes for canning, freezing, and fermenting.

7. “Canning and Preserving for Beginners” by Rockridge Press: Ideal for beginners, this book offers step-by-step instructions and easy recipes for successful canning.

8. “The Beginner’s Guide to Preserving Food at Home” by Janet Chadwick: This book covers the basics of canning and includes simple recipes for preserving fruits, vegetables, and more.

9. “Not Your Mama’s Canning Book” by Rebecca Lindamood: With a focus on modern flavors and techniques, this book is perfect for those looking to add a twist to their canning repertoire.

10. “The Joy of Pickling” by Linda Ziedrich: Although primarily focused on pickling, this book includes a wide range of recipes for preserving fruits and vegetables.

11. “So Easy to Preserve” by Elizabeth Andress and Judy Harrison: Published by the University of Georgia, this book is a trusted resource for safe canning techniques and includes a variety of recipes.

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1. What is pressure canning?
Pressure canning is a method of preserving food by using a pressure canner to heat jars of food to a specific temperature, effectively killing any bacteria and ensuring long-term storage.

2. Is pressure canning safe?
Yes, when done correctly, pressure canning is a safe method for preserving food. It is important to follow tested recipes and guidelines to ensure proper preservation and avoid any health risks.

3. What types of foods can be pressure canned?
Almost any type of food can be pressure canned, including fruits, vegetables, meats, and soups.

4. Are pressure canning recipes difficult to follow?
Not necessarily. There are many easy-to-follow pressure canning recipes available that provide step-by-step instructions for successful preservation.

5. Can I modify pressure canning recipes?
It is generally not recommended to modify pressure canning recipes, as they have been tested for safety. Altering ingredients or ratios may affect the safety of the final product.

6. How long does pressure-canned food last?
When properly canned and stored in a cool, dark place, pressure-canned food can last up to one year or more.

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7. Can I reuse jars for pressure canning?
Jars specifically designed for pressure canning can be reused as long as they are in good condition and free from chips or cracks. However, lids should always be replaced with new ones.

8. Can I pressure can without a pressure canner?
No, a pressure canner is essential for safe pressure canning. It provides the necessary high temperatures to kill bacteria and ensure proper preservation.

9. Can I use a pressure cooker for pressure canning?
No, pressure cookers are not suitable for pressure canning as they may not reach the required temperatures for safe preservation.

10. Can I pressure can low-acid foods without a recipe?
It is not recommended to can low-acid foods without a tested recipe. Proper acidity levels are crucial to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria such as botulism.

11. Where can I find more pressure canning recipes?
In addition to the recipe books mentioned, there are numerous online resources, websites, and forums dedicated to pressure canning that offer a wide variety of recipes for different foods.

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