Best Easy Savory Malt-O-Meal Recipes

Best Easy Savory Malt-O-Meal Recipes

Malt-O-Meal is a versatile and delicious ingredient that can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. While it is often associated with breakfast cereals, it can also be used to create a variety of flavorful and satisfying savory recipes. Here are a few of the best easy savory Malt-O-Meal recipes to try:

1. Malt-O-Meal Crusted Chicken Tenders: Dip chicken tenders in beaten egg, then coat them in a mixture of Malt-O-Meal, breadcrumbs, and seasonings. Bake until golden and crispy.

2. Cheesy Malt-O-Meal Casserole: Cook Malt-O-Meal according to package instructions, then mix in shredded cheese, chopped vegetables, and cooked meat. Bake until bubbly and golden.

3. Malt-O-Meal Stuffed Peppers: Cut the tops off bell peppers and remove the seeds. Stuff them with a mixture of cooked Malt-O-Meal, ground meat, onions, and spices. Bake until the peppers are tender.

4. Malt-O-Meal Pizza Crust: Mix Malt-O-Meal with flour, yeast, salt, and water to create a pizza dough. Top with your favorite pizza toppings and bake until the crust is crispy.

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5. Malt-O-Meal Veggie Burgers: Combine cooked Malt-O-Meal with mashed beans, chopped vegetables, and spices. Shape into patties and cook on a grill or stovetop until browned.

6. Malt-O-Meal Stuffed Mushrooms: Remove the stems from large mushrooms and fill the caps with a mixture of cooked Malt-O-Meal, cheese, and herbs. Bake until the mushrooms are tender and the filling is golden.

7. Malt-O-Meal Meatballs: Combine cooked Malt-O-Meal with ground meat, breadcrumbs, egg, and seasonings. Shape into meatballs and cook in a skillet or bake in the oven until cooked through.

8. Malt-O-Meal Spinach Dip: Mix cooked Malt-O-Meal with cream cheese, sour cream, chopped spinach, and spices. Serve with crackers or bread for dipping.

9. Malt-O-Meal Cornbread: Replace some of the cornmeal in your favorite cornbread recipe with Malt-O-Meal for a slightly sweet and nutty twist.

10. Malt-O-Meal Stuffing: Use Malt-O-Meal instead of bread cubes in your favorite stuffing recipe for a unique and delicious side dish.

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11. Malt-O-Meal Quiche: Replace the traditional pie crust with a Malt-O-Meal crust and fill with a mixture of eggs, cheese, vegetables, and meat. Bake until the quiche is set and golden.


1. Can I use any flavor of Malt-O-Meal for these savory recipes?
Yes, you can use any flavor of Malt-O-Meal depending on your preference.

2. Can I substitute Malt-O-Meal with regular cornmeal?
Yes, regular cornmeal can be used as a substitute for Malt-O-Meal in some recipes.

3. Can I make these recipes vegetarian or vegan-friendly?
Absolutely! Simply substitute meat or dairy ingredients with plant-based alternatives.

4. Can I freeze the dishes made with Malt-O-Meal?
Yes, most of these recipes can be frozen for future consumption.

5. Can I use instant Malt-O-Meal in these recipes?
Instant Malt-O-Meal can be used, but cooking times may vary. Adjust accordingly.

6. Can I add additional spices to these recipes?
Feel free to add spices and herbs to enhance the flavor according to your taste.

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7. Can I use Malt-O-Meal in place of breadcrumbs in other recipes?
Yes, Malt-O-Meal can be used as a breadcrumb substitute in various recipes.

8. Can I make gluten-free versions of these recipes?
Yes, by using gluten-free Malt-O-Meal or substituting with gluten-free alternatives, you can create gluten-free versions.

9. Can I add vegetables to the Malt-O-Meal breakfast cereals?
Absolutely! Add chopped veggies like tomatoes, onions, or peppers to enhance the flavor and nutrition.

10. Can I use Malt-O-Meal in soups and stews?
Yes, Malt-O-Meal can be used as a thickening agent in soups and stews.

11. Can I use Malt-O-Meal in other savory dishes not mentioned here?
Certainly! Experiment and get creative by incorporating Malt-O-Meal into your favorite savory recipes.

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