Best Easy Tea Towels With Recipes on Them

Tea towels are a versatile and essential kitchen item. They not only serve as a convenient tool for drying dishes and hands but can also add a touch of style to your kitchen decor. If you’re a food lover who enjoys trying out new recipes, tea towels with recipes on them can be a great addition to your kitchen. To help you find the best easy tea towels with recipes, we’ve curated a list of some top options available in the market.

1. Anthropologie Home Recipe Tea Towel: This tea towel features a classic recipe for chocolate chip cookies, perfect for any baking enthusiast.

2. Williams Sonoma Lemon Tea Towel: This vibrant tea towel showcases a refreshing lemonade recipe, ideal for summer days.

3. Now Designs Floursack Tea Towel: With a simple and elegant design, this tea towel displays a timeless recipe for homemade bread.

4. Spoonflower Recipe Tea Towel: Customize your own tea towel by printing your favorite recipe on it. A great option for personalization.

5. Ulster Weavers Baking Tea Towel: This tea towel features various baking recipes, including scones and cakes, making it a versatile choice.

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6. Etsy Custom Recipe Tea Towel: Another customizable option, this tea towel allows you to print a cherished family recipe as a keepsake.

7. The Pioneer Woman Recipe Tea Towel: Designed by the popular food blogger, Ree Drummond, these tea towels feature her signature recipes.

8. Now Designs Cooking Conversion Tea Towel: This tea towel not only provides recipes but also handy cooking conversions, making it a practical choice for beginners.

9. Sur La Table Herb Garden Tea Towel: Perfect for gardeners and cooks, this tea towel showcases various herb recipes, adding a fresh touch to your kitchen.

10. Alex Clark Rooster Recipe Tea Towel: Featuring a charming rooster design, this tea towel includes delightful poultry-based recipes.

11. Mary Lake-Thompson Recipe Tea Towel: With beautiful illustrations, these tea towels offer a range of recipes from cocktails to desserts.


1. Can I use tea towels with recipes as regular kitchen towels?
Yes, these tea towels are designed to be both functional and decorative.

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2. Are these tea towels machine washable?
Most tea towels are machine washable. However, it’s always best to check the care instructions before washing.

3. Can I use these tea towels as wall decor?
Absolutely! Many people frame tea towels with recipes and hang them as wall art in their kitchens.

4. Are the recipes on these tea towels easy to follow?
Yes, the recipes on these tea towels are generally simple and easy to follow for home cooks of all levels.

5. Can I gift these tea towels to a food enthusiast?
Definitely! These tea towels make great gifts for food lovers or anyone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen.

6. Can I find tea towels with specific dietary recipes?
Yes, there are tea towels available with recipes tailored to specific dietary needs, such as gluten-free or vegan options.

7. Can I find tea towels with international recipes?
Yes, many tea towels feature recipes from various cuisines worldwide, allowing you to explore different flavors.

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8. Are these tea towels made from eco-friendly materials?
Some tea towels are made from organic or sustainable materials. Check the product description for details.

9. Can I use these tea towels for other purposes besides drying dishes?
Certainly! These tea towels can also be used for covering bread, wrapping gifts, or even as a makeshift pot holder.

10. Can I find tea towels with festive recipes for holidays?
Yes, there are tea towels available with festive recipes for holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter.

11. Can I find tea towels with cocktail recipes?
Absolutely! Many tea towels feature cocktail recipes, making them perfect for mixologists or home bartenders.

In conclusion, tea towels with recipes are a functional and stylish addition to any kitchen. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a beginner cook, these tea towels offer both inspiration and practicality. With numerous options available, you can find the perfect tea towel to suit your taste and culinary interests.

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