Best Easy Tupperware Ultra Pro Recipes

Best Easy Tupperware Ultra Pro Recipes

Tupperware Ultra Pro is a versatile and durable cookware range that will revolutionize your cooking experience. Whether you are a seasoned chef or a beginner in the kitchen, these recipes are designed to make cooking a breeze while maximizing flavor and nutrition.

1. One-Pot Chicken and Rice: This recipe combines tender chicken, fragrant spices, and fluffy rice in one pot. Simply add all the ingredients to your Ultra Pro, cover, and let it cook to perfection.

2. Roasted Vegetables: Toss your favorite vegetables with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and roast them in your Ultra Pro for a delicious and healthy side dish.

3. Baked Mac and Cheese: Indulge in a creamy and cheesy mac and cheese by using your Ultra Pro to bake it to golden perfection.

4. Slow-Cooked Chili: Let the flavors meld together by slow-cooking your chili in the Ultra Pro. The result is a rich and hearty dish perfect for those chilly evenings.

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5. Oven-Baked Salmon: Cook the perfect salmon fillet by baking it in your Ultra Pro. The even heat distribution ensures that your fish is cooked to perfection every time.

6. Vegetable Lasagna: Layer your favorite vegetables, lasagna noodles, and cheese in the Ultra Pro for a delicious and wholesome vegetarian meal.

7. Braised Short Ribs: Achieve tender and succulent short ribs by braising them in your Ultra Pro. The high sides of the dish allow for maximum liquid retention and flavor infusion.

8. Lemon Herb Chicken: Marinate chicken breasts with lemon, herbs, and olive oil, then bake them in your Ultra Pro for a juicy and flavorful meal.

9. Crispy Roasted Potatoes: Achieve perfectly crispy roasted potatoes by cooking them in the Ultra Pro. The non-stick surface ensures they won’t stick to the dish.

10. Homemade Bread: Create delicious homemade bread by proofing the dough in your Ultra Pro. The tight-fitting lid locks in moisture, resulting in a soft and fluffy loaf.

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11. Berry Crumble: Make a delightful berry crumble by layering fresh berries and a crisp topping in the Ultra Pro, then bake until golden brown.


1. Can Ultra Pro be used on stovetops? No, Ultra Pro is designed for oven use only.

2. Is Ultra Pro dishwasher safe? Yes, all Ultra Pro pieces are dishwasher safe.

3. Can I freeze food in Ultra Pro? Yes, Ultra Pro is freezer safe, allowing you to store leftovers for later use.

4. Can Ultra Pro be used in a microwave? No, Ultra Pro is not microwave safe.

5. How do I clean baked-on food from Ultra Pro? Soak in warm soapy water and use a non-abrasive sponge to gently scrub away any residue.

6. Can I use metal utensils with Ultra Pro? It is recommended to use plastic or silicone utensils to avoid scratching the non-stick surface.

7. Can Ultra Pro be used for baking cakes? Yes, Ultra Pro can be used for baking cakes and other desserts.

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8. What is the temperature limit for Ultra Pro? Ultra Pro can withstand temperatures up to 482°F (250°C).

9. Can Ultra Pro be used on induction cooktops? Yes, Ultra Pro is compatible with induction cooktops.

10. Is Ultra Pro oven-safe with the lid on? Yes, Ultra Pro is oven-safe with the lid on, ensuring even cooking and moisture retention.

11. How long is the warranty for Ultra Pro? Tupperware provides a lifetime warranty for Ultra Pro products against manufacturing defects.

In conclusion, Tupperware Ultra Pro offers an array of easy and delicious recipes that can be prepared effortlessly. With its versatility and durability, this cookware range is a must-have for every kitchen. So, get your Ultra Pro and start cooking your way to culinary success!

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