Thinking Out Loud: Special Surprise

Thursday comes at a perfect time! Here I go rambling about watermelon, summer and awesome friends. Thanks, Amanda!



1. Surprise packages from friends >>>>>


I came home from a long day of work to a surprise package from one of my best friends. We grew up together and I moved away 6 years ago but we’ve remained really close. Anyway, she sent me gluten free macaroons from a well-known store in New York City. It’s not every day that someone goes out of their way like that, so it made me feel really special. She’s definitely a keeper :)

Also, for someone with a mild sweet tooth I thought they were pretty darn good. The peanut butter was my favorite, obviously.

2. Does anyone watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? Well this grandma does not watch it at 11:30 when it airs, but my family records it and we watch it the next night after dinner. Jimmy Fallon is effortlessly cool and you can tell how much he loves his job. Wish I had taken time off from work to go see him while he’s in Orlando!

3. We ate regular burgers for dinner over the weekend but Tuesday night my mom made salmon burgers. YUMMMMM. If you don’t like salmon you probably wouldn’t like them, but if you’re salmon-obsessed (like me) they were heaven. I watched my mom cook and it didn’t look too hard. Which means it’s my turn to make them next.



4. Summer thunderstorms are usually my favorite time of the day, especially when I’m home. But being stuck in traffic on a highway during a storm? Not my cup of tea. I just had to laugh because the rain was pounding down so hard that I could not see a thing. Better to laugh than cry, right? I made it out alive ;)

5. Another watermelon picture because it’s clearly the most important thing in my life (somewhat kidding). On a side note, my family and I have eaten at this dining room table for over 10 years so recently we decided to sand it down and carve our names into it. We also put all of the addresses where the table has lived (4 different places).


6. Confession: I’m a bandwagon soccer fan during the World Cup. While I am a huge sports fan, I’m not typically a soccer fan. However, when the World Cup comes around I go all out for the USA. It is such an exciting event and when the USA played Ghana and I heard all of the chants I got the chills. USA! USA!

Team U.S.A celebrate during the 2014 World Cup Group G soccer match between Ghana and the U.S. at the Dunas arena

P.S. Anyone else miss Landon Donovan as much as I do?


7. How is summer almost halfway over?! I have to submit my mid-term project for my online class next week. Summer, please slow down.



Any soccer fans out there? 

What do you have planned for the rest of summer?

Simple and Wonderful Weekend

Come Friday afternoons I’m exhausted. Like sit-on-the-couch-all-night exhausted.

Some people use weekends to “let loose” or party, but that’s not normally my thing. Me? I like simple, low-key weekends. After being busy all week nothing sounds more appealing than a good dinner and Friday night movie marathon. During the weekend I just want to spend time with family/friends, rest and (maybe) do something productive. So that’s exactly what I’ve been doing and it’s been pretty marvelous to me :)


Friday- Family night. My mom made a delicious dinner of salmon, salad (with tons of fruit) and watermelon. After dinner we played Jeopardy (does anyone else do that? We’ve played for years!) and watched the movie Draft Day. Not award-winning but, as a football loving family, we thought it was cute. The movie ended past my grandma bedtime but we all stayed downstairs to watch overtime of the Stanley Cup. I’m not a huge hockey fan, but because my dad is a Rangers fan we were on the edge of our seats. Overtime hockey is no joke…so intense! Unfortunately the Rangers lost, but they made it a very entertaining game.

Saturday- I started my Saturday morning with breakfast and Body Pump. Many new-to-me songs including a challenging chest track. Always awesome.

After Body Pump I went to support my dad and his coworkers at a community service event called the Gelatin Plunge. The event raised money for The Children’s Cancer Center in Tampa. Participants plummeted down a slide and landed in a pool of gelatin. Random, funny concept, huh?! There were so many people there supporting the cause and the rain held off until after.



My dad and his co-workers after the Plunge


I ate leftovers for lunch, took a short nap and then started work for my online class. The rest of the night was spent eating my weight in watermelon, reading and watching the first episode of Orange is the New Black. Anyone else watch it? I’ve heard nothing but good things so I was intrigued.



Friday night’s dinner for lunch

Sunday- Dad’s day. Literally his perfect day :) We hung around the house until almost noon (I made him his favorite breakfast) and then went to the driving range to hit golf balls. Let’s just say I’m not turning pro anytime soon. Too many “swings and misses!” But my sister on the other hand might have discovered a new talent. She was the best out of the four of us!


Scrambled eggs and toast with butter and jelly for my dad

The ball is still on the tee...

The ball is still on the tee…

Future Tiger Woods?

Future Tiger Woods?


After lunch we contemplated going to see 22 Jump Street, but none of us had seen the first movie…so we watched 21 Jump Street instead. I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without seeing that movie! So hilarious.

Then I made a sad attempt at working out (not what I had planned to do). I walked to the gym (we live pretty close), decided I didn’t want to workout and walked back home. Thought that counts??

Steak for dinner and Apples to Apples to close out the night.


So like I said, it was a low-key weekend. But these are really my favorite. I just need some good food, rest and my family and friends to make it awesome. Now I’m ready to take on the week ahead (kind of).


Tell me something about your weekend?

Has anyone seen 21 or 22 Jump Street?


Saturday Spin Playlist

One of my favorite things about being a spin instructor (besides interacting with people) is creating playlists for my classes. When I’m taking a spin class, the music can make or break it for me…I want upbeat, powerful songs! Also, I appreciate when the instructor knows his/her music and plans the class around their playlist (or vice versa). Therefore, I try to design my classes in a similar format: A strong playlist and a challenging ride that mix fluidly.

Here is a playlist, with a suggested ride, that I used this past semester. Before every class I explain to my class that I work on a scale from 5-10, with 5 being a flat road and 10 being the heaviest hill. It takes some time to figuring out what resistance is right for you, but that’s the beauty of spin…you are in charge of your workout. Based on your fitness level and your goals for the class, you can easily add or decrease resistance with the turn of the knob (and no one will know!).

Of course, if you’re unfamiliar with spinning visit before completing any workout. Now, on to the playlist!

saturday spin playlist



Suggested Ride (Written in simple terms for my understanding while teaching)

  1. Move Along- Warm-Up
  2. Jai Ho!- Jumps
  3. No Sleep Tonight- Seated, moderate hill (7/10) with pick-ups (not a sprint but faster than comfortable pace) during the chorus
  4. Take Me Home- Moderate hill (7/10) in position 2 during the verses, seated pick-ups during the chorus
  5. Numb- Heavy hill in position 3 (8-9/10)
  6. Thriller- Start on a flat road (5/10) sprints with resistance (7/10) during chorus (take resistance off in between sprints)
  7. Unconditionally- Hill in position 3 (8-9/10)
  8. Countdown- Jumps
  9. Timber- Run in position 2 during chorus, jog in between
  10. Bring Me to Life- Heavy hill; seated for the first half, position 3 for the second half
  11. Trouble- Sprints
  12. The Monster- Hill (8/10) in position 3 with pickups on chorus
  13. Marry the Night- Sprints
  14. Follow Your Arrow- Cool down


Enjoy your Saturday!

Me A to Z

Happy Friday! Since I’m still very new to blogging I thought it would be fun to do a little A-Z survey. I found this one on meals & moves…thanks, Janetha! She made a nice template if anyone wants to join (aka needs a post topic). Filling this out Thursday night.

A is for age: Almost 19 1/2. My family celebrates 1/2 birthdays (mine is June 3o) and it’s the second best day of the year :)

B is for breakfast today: Oatmeal with peanut butter, cinnamon, strawberries and almonds. Grapes on the side.


C is for currently craving: Watermelon. When am I not?

D is for dinner tonight: Just ate steak, peppers and onions. All on the grill, all delicious

photo 1-1 photo 2-2

E is for favorite type of exercise: Running. Followed by strength training and yoga.

F is for an irrational fear: Roller coasters. I don’t think that counts as irrational but roller coasters are one of my biggest fears.

G is for gross food: Brussels sprouts. Just not for me.

H is for hometown: This is tricky for me as I’ve moved a lot. I’ll say my home for the past 5 years= Tampa.

I is for something important: Family

Airbrushed picture from a cruise a few years ago

Airbrushed picture from a cruise a few years ago

J is for current favorite jam: Traditional? Grape? I’m not quite sure what this means

K is for kids: I’m kind of still a kid myself, so none for me now…but thanks! I would love 3 in the future though

L is for current location: My big comfy couch.

M is for the most recent way you spent money: The last few purchases: Gas, food, parking and CVS. Exciting life! :P

N is for something you need: Seriously: nothing. Kidding (but kind of serious): to renew my yoga class package

O is for occupation: Currently: marketing intern. But my dream job is to be a magazine editor (of a magazine I admire and believe in).

P is for pet peeve: People in general. Just kidding ;)

Q is for a quote: “Seek to be worth knowing rather than be well known.”


R is for random fact about you: I hate mashed potatoes. I love roasted potatoes but I can’t stand the texture of them mashed (as with other foods)

S is for favorite healthy snack: Fruit and KIND bars

T is for favorite treat: Mostly anything with peanut butter

Peanut butter

This with anything = heaven

U is for something that makes you unique: Other than having Celiac? Hmm…I’ve moved 5 times.

V is for favorite vegetable: This is tough. Asparagus and broccoli probably top my list.

W is for today’s workout: Jen @ PeanutButterRunner’s Sculpted Summer Arms Workout. Great quick circuit!


X is for X-rays you’ve had: Both feet

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: Delicious salmon dinner from one of my favorite restaurants.

Z is for your time zone: EST. But I kind of want to venture to the PST…I feel like I’d like it out there.


Answer a few of these statements so I can learn more about you!

Weekend plans?