Workouts and Weekly Reads #5

Hello from paradise!


My family and I arrived at the beach yesterday evening for our week-long vacation. I’m looking forward to simple, lazy days catching up on reading, sleep and sunshine. Quick recap of my workouts and favorite reads from this past week…

Monday- 5 miles

Tuesday- Rest

Wednesday- Orange Theory (total of 3.75 miles and a leg-focused weight circuit)

Thursday- 5 miles

Friday- Orange Theory (3.25 miles and a body weight workout including squats, tricep dips, push-ups, TRX rows and my favorite burpees)

Saturday- Body Pump

Sunday- Yoga and/or a run with my dad


Favorite Reads:

22 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who Doesn’t Drink- Alyssa Bailey via and Yahoo Shine

why i won’t be working for a bikini body this summer- .running with spoons.

WIAW: food guilt- the Real Life RD

8 Realities For Every 20-Something Woman to Embrace While Coming Of Age- Kelly Christensen via Elite Daily

Have an awesome Sunday! xo

Workout Recap & Weekly Reads #4

Just stopping in today to recap my week in workouts. A little more running than last week, plus I managed to fit in 2 yoga classes (that makes me very happy).

Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday: 4 miles + abs
Friday: Orange Theory (3.5 miles)- The weight room workout was a mix of plyometrics and rowing.
Saturday: Body Pump + yoga
Sunday: Yoga


And for some of my favorite reads from this week:

This Summer- I hope everyone develops this mindset and makes the most of their summer.

Why I’ve Stopped Telling You How Bloated I Feel Today- a fantastic post about changing the conversation around our bodies.

How Laughter is Actually Our Sixth Sense And Key To A Happy Life- all the more reason to watch Friends and Jimmy Fallon every night.

You’ve Already Achieved Your Perfect Bikini Body- “My body is body-shaped and all bodies are good bodies” <— This…and other good mantras to remember this summer (and every day)


Happy Sunday! GO USA!

Workout Recap & Weekly Reads #3

First off, I want to wish my dad (and all of yours) a Happy Father’s Day! Dad, thank you for being an incredible role model, football pal and running partner (**and for helping fund my watermelon addiction). Only for you would I stay up past my bedtime to watch hockey :) Love you!

Just popping in to recap my workouts and share some good links I came across this week. Workouts were pretty similar to last week but no complaints because I’m feeling great.

Workout Recap 6/9-6/15

Monday- 4 mile run with my dad before work. Nothing special but it was a good way to start off the week.

Tuesday- Rest

Wednesday- Orange Theory before work. I ran about 3.25 miles during the treadmill portion of the class, which included killer sprints on a hill. The weight room included a 500 m row, bodyweight moves and abs.

Thursday- Weights. I focused on chest and shoulders today doing lots of push-ups, kettle bell swings and chest presses.

Friday- Orange Theory before work. The star of today’s workout was a timed 1-mile run. We warmed up for 5 minutes and then ran our fastest mile. I came in at about 7 minutes, which is fast for me (someone who doesn’t love speed work). After the run we went to the weight room for a few rounds of work and then hopped back on the treadmill for another 12ish minutes of running. 3.2 miles overall.

Saturday- Body Pump. Saturday morning is the only time I can make it to Body Pump. Taking advantage of it because when training starts Saturday Body Pump will be replaced with long runs.

Sunday- Hopefully a run with my dad. I’d prefer to run outside, but if he picks the treadmill I will oblige :)


Lastly, here are some of my favorite reads from this week. Take a peak when you can!

Life Is Not A To-Do List

50 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Childhood

I Want to See Real

8 Ways to Give Back to Yourself

50% More: Body Confidence


Enjoy your Sunday! xo

Workout Recap & Weekly Reads #2

This week I was all about strength and circuit training. I got a few miles in, but no workout was dedicated solely to running. The summer weather is starting to get to me and I haven’t wanted to brave the heat and humidity to workout outside. I’m sure it’s the opposite for most people in other parts of the country, but in Florida, the summer can be brutal. Just a few more weeks of unstructured workouts before I start training (and get up super early to run outside).

Monday- Treadmill sprints and weights. After a 5 minute warmup jog, I alternated 1 minute of sprints with 1 minute of recovery for 5 rounds. Then, I upped the incline to about 6% and completed the 1 minute sprints/1 minute recovery for 5 more rounds. Finished the treadmill part of my workout with a 5 minute cool down. In the weight room I did 3 x 12 of lunges, bicep curls and squat to overhead presses followed by 3 x 12 of tricep dips, decline push-ups and kettle bell swings.

Tuesday- Rest day

Wednesday- Orange Theory. I want to do a full post on Orange Theory but it’s a heart-rate monitored high intensity workout that incorporates treadmills, rowing machines and weights during the 60 minute group class. I ran about 3.5 miles during the treadmill part of the workout. The weight room involved lots of lunges, squats and chest work (push ups and chest presses).

Thursday My legs were very sore after Wednesday’s workout so after work I did some upper body weights. I used Jen’s Sculpted Summer Arms Workout (Jen’s blog is one of my favorites!)



Friday- Orange Theory. This time we did 5 minute rounds of treadmill work and strength work. The constant switching made the hour go by fast. About 3.1 miles on the treadmill total. I might have mentioned it but if I want to get a good cardio workout in, I have to do it before work. Just too tired after a long day! Does anyone else feel that it’s easier in the morning, too?

Saturday- Body Pump! Always makes me happy.

Sunday- Hopefully yoga and/or a run. Will just have to see how the day plays out :)


And for some of my favorite reads from this week:

What is “healthy living” anyway? The answer might surprise you.

I can’t catch “perfect,” so I’m going to stop chasing it.

Dear Magazines, Why?

How to stop comparing your food choices to other people’s

17 Things You Should Avoid Doing If You Want To Be Happy


Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

What was your favorite workout from this week?