Changing It Up

Remember how I’ve had a lot of simple, lazy weekends? Well that all changed this weekend…and it was refreshing and pretty marvelous.

I worked a half-day on Friday and then drove 4+ hours with my friend to visit our other friends who are staying at college this summer. The long drive sucked. Not sugar-coating it for ya. But it was a great time to catch up with one of my closest friends.

As soon as we arrived we went straight to happy hour. This was actually my favorite part of the night because we were outside, listening to live music, people watching (my eyes were bleeding) and talking.


Then we went to two different clubs/bars and “danced” for a little. I put dance in quotes because I’m such an awkward dancer that it doesn’t qualify as dancing lol…We ended up at a Mexican restaurant and then one of my friends and I called it a night. Hey, I made it out until 11:30. Not bad for me considering I was up at 6 a.m. and didn’t nap!

The next morning I stuck to my training schedule and got in a longer run. My friends are so supportive of marathon training but I still wanted to wake up super early so I didn’t disrupt our weekend plans. The 8 mile run was great… except for the hills. This school is known for having rolling hills so while my mind wasn’t shocked to see them, my legs sure were. It was definitely a change from my usual pancake-flat routes. Considering there are hills along the NYC course I should probably start incorporating them into my training anyway.

8 miles at a slower-than-normal pace…I blame the hills, obviously ;)

Everyone was still fast asleep when I came back so I showered and had my morning breakfast routine at leisure. Once people woke up around 11 a.m. we went out to brunch (my second breakfast) and took a driving tour around town. We had grand plans to go shopping at an outdoor market but mother nature had other ideas…rain. The non-stop rain led to us sitting on the couch and talking for 5 hours. It was the best non-plan of the weekend.

We couldn’t decide what to eat for dinner so we all went to the supermarket, bought groceries and cooked whatever we were craving. Worked out pretty darn well.

We ended the night by watching the movie About Time (with Rachel McAdams). I definitely recommend it if you’re in the mood for an endearing chick-flick.

Sunday was pretty simple: Church, brunch, road-trip home.


This weekend was a change I needed. A change of scenery, activity and a break from my structured routine. More on that soon. This work week shouldn’t be too bad because I have a quick trip planned for my job with KIND Healthy Snacks :) Off to Chicago on Tuesday!


What are you looking forward to this week?

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