Death By Beets

Warning: Beets are messy. They stain. They look like blood.

I experimented spiralizing beets last weekend and while they came out good, it required more effort than I was expecting. Especially on the clean up side.

IMG_0433 IMG_0434 IMG_0435

Murder scene or handling beets? You decide.

Everything came off (eventually) but required extra scrubbing. I’ll remember that next time I tackle beets.

Now for other food related items..


I FINALLY tried Nuttzo. I’ve seen it on practically every blog for the last year so I wanted to see what the hype was about. It’s really good. But it’s really expensive. I’ve never shelled out anywhere near that much money for a jar of peanut butter in my life. I got the original flavor but would like to try the peanut free one next time. I need to factor this into my budget if I continue on this train.


Last week was all about chicken. This week it was salmon. A few weeks ago I bought a package of frozen salmon from Whole Foods and forgot it was in the freezer. Winner-winner.

This was honey mustard salmon (honey + mustard + coconut oil + salt + pepper), roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes in coconut oil.


Lemon-rosemary salmon with quinoa (cooked with half chicken broth half water) and zucchini noodles sautéed in a rosemary flavored olive oil.


And I now have a food processor on my list of things to buy next because so many recipes require it. But I’m in a dilemma because I’m running out of storage in my apartment (such a #firstworldproblem). I wanted to make an avocado or pesto sauce but I didn’t have a blender. Also, most homemade bars are made from dates and you need a processor to turn them into a paste. (I think??). Maybe I can do some rearranging and figure out a system. I say that now…

What are your favorite nut butter brands? I’ve been a Skippy Natural addict for years. I’m adding to my list now.

Do you own/use a food processor? Is it worth the investment and rearranging?



  1. Jess @hellotofit says

    Honey mustard and salmon? Sounds like a yummy combo! I’ve never spiralized beets, but that looks good (and messy, haha). I have a food processor attachment that came with an immersion blender kit that I got as a birthday gift, and it’s SO worth it. I use my food processor almost every other day, and it’s great!! Highly recommend it. I have a Kitchen Aid brand.
    Jess @hellotofit recently posted…Impress your friends with these simple desk exercises: Part 1My Profile

    • Emily says

      I’ve been on a honey mustard kick lately! Ok, I’m so glad you said that! My mom is coming to visit soon and I think I know what I will be asking for ;)

  2. Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine says

    YES!!!!! You just made me so happy! You finally spiralized the beet! <3
    Right now I am digging into a favorite of mine…MaraNatha's Maple Almond Butter! It's super yummy!
    Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine recently posted…Grain-Free Butternut Squash BreadMy Profile

    • Emily says

      So I can blame you for the mess then? ;) Do you refrigerate that almond butter? Most recommend it but I don’t love it that way!

  3. Liv @ Healthy Liv says

    I have to admit that I don’t understand the whole spiralizing craze right now! Is it just a fun way to eat veggies, or is there more of a reason to it than that?
    Liv @ Healthy Liv recently posted…5 Ways to Save on Healthy Foods Without CouponingMy Profile

    • Emily says

      LOL yup, basically. It is kind of fun but takes more effort to get out the equipment and spiralize. (At least for me because of the small/shared kitchen).

  4. pickyrunner says

    Hmmm beets are one thing I’m not sure I can get on board with. I won’t say never because I’m eating a lot of things now I never thought I’d try, let alone like, but they aren’t at the top of my list ;) You reminded me of how long it’s been since I’ve had (roasted) potatoes though! I want to make those this weekend… well, let’s be honest… I don’t cook, but I’ll suggest them for dinner one night haha
    pickyrunner recently posted…Food FearMy Profile

    • Emily says

      They aren’t a “love” food for me, so I guess I could take ‘em or leave ‘em. Roasted potatoes (sweet and regular) are the best. Can’t stand mashed of either kind!

  5. Emily @ Sweets and Beets says

    Emily! Why are we always on the same wavelength?! I just spiralized beets last night .. I actually made beet ribbons and am eating them in my salad today. I was really happy with how they came out! : ) Although I got golden beets, so they weren’t quite as messy. : )

    I bought a jar of Nuttzo about a year and a half ago and liked but didn’t LOVE it.. I love the nutritional benefits of it, but can’t justify it in my budget, taste-wise. Which is probably for the better! haha.
    Emily @ Sweets and Beets recently posted…WIAW – Yogurt on ToastMy Profile

    • Emily says

      Same name, same wavelength :) I’ve been putting them in my wraps for lunch. I was happy with how they came out too. Yeah I’m not convinced I will shell out that much money for a jar next time.

  6. Lauren says

    Beets are messy. I think that’s why I haven’t spiralized them yet. I see my white spiralizer being turned purplely pink. Ah I haven’t shelled out the money for nutzo either. It’s like twice the price of other nut butters so I’m not sure. maybe if I find a coupon or something, haha. Also I seriously can’t handle any more kitchen gadgets-I have no room for them!
    Lauren recently posted…Advocare Herbal Cleanse Review {Advo 24 Day Challenge}My Profile

    • Emily says

      Haha I panicked when it got so messy. But the stains came off the spiralizer very easy! My hands needed more scrubbing than I thought.

  7. Rebecca @ MyEagerFeet says

    I’ve always thought about getting a food processor too! I think I would be willing to try out more recipes, since it seems like so many require one. I’m almost thankful to not really be a fan of nut butter since it’s so expensive!
    Rebecca @ MyEagerFeet recently posted…Run Less Run Faster: Week ThirteenMy Profile

  8. Jessie says

    I’m a huge fan of Once Again and Justin’s nut butters. I’ve found that nut butter is always a little cheaper on Not sure if you use their website, but if not take a look. The prices are pretty awesome!
    Jessie recently posted…Arm and Cardio WorkoutMy Profile

  9. Cailee says

    Beets really do look like blood :o oh my word! …but that seed butter looks amazing!! How fun is that jar?!! Also don’t you just love salmon and sweet potatoes?? Great combo! YUM!! and I just got a food processor because I figured it was an investment!! I haven’t actually used it yet though :/ hahaha
    Cailee recently posted…Thankful Thursday- Besties!My Profile

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