Friday Favorites

You know that quote “my cup runneth over”? That’s how I feel today. Incredibly happy, blessed and content. Hoping to spread the love this Friday with a few of the things I’ve been loving lately. Thanks for the link-up, Clare!


Salad with avocado, spaghetti squash and a coconut balsamic dressing. My mom put cold spaghetti squash in the salad for dinner Wednesday night and I loved the idea!

IMG_7093Grilled chicken, roasted cinnamon sweet potatoes and salad (see above). The perfect welcome home meal. IMG_7094

Salad with avocado, toasted almonds, cucumbers and deli turkey. Carrots and a pear on the side. Packed this to take to campus for lunch one day. IMG_7080Watermelon. Because I don’t go a few days without it.IMG_7087Stir-fry with chicken, avocado, broccoli, snap peas, zucchini, toasted almonds and a sweet potato (because, carbs). Kind of random but delicious. Can you tell I’m on an avocado kick? I don’t see that going away soon. IMG_7086

Pins (follow me!)

Spaghetti squash bowls.YUM x100



This. Work for what you want.



Yoga works wonders.



Might add this to my Christmas/birthday list.



Pretty accurate.



Looking forward to…

-Carving pumpkins….AND roasting the seeds. A typical fall activity but something I enjoy every year.

-Running on Bayshore. I’ve mentioned it before but it is my favorite place to run. 5 miles of continuous sidewalk looking over the bay.

Bayshore-Sleeping in? Yesterday I woke up at 5:20 because I wanted to run with my dad. I could have chosen to run any time during the day but I love running with him. Hence I’m VERY excited to sleep in and be lazy tomorrow morning. Bets on how late I will sleep? I’m going for 7:30…

-Less than 2 weeks until I leave for New York!!! I would be excited to go to the city even if I wasn’t running the marathon, but the race makes it 10 times better.

–This. Come January you know what I’ll be doing. To say it’s my favorite show is an understatement.

Now, tell me…

Favorite meal from this week?

What are you looking forward to?


  1. Emily @ Sweets and Beets says

    Isn’t it funny how 7:30 is “sleeping in?” I’m the same way! haha. Love cold spaghetti squash!! And I need to try making a squash bowl .. hmMMm! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Georgie Morley says

    That salad looks incredible! Mind you, obsessed with everything avocado. Also those necklesses are gorgeous, I think I’d want a “wanderlust” :)

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