Health and Fitness Podcasts

Listening to a podcast has become what I call a “productive distraction.” Productive, because I’m learning more about topics I like. Distraction, because I’m usually multitasking. I don’t just sit and listen to a podcast. I’m either driving, running, walking or cooking. But regardless of my primary activity, I think podcasts are a great form of both entertainment and information.

Take a look at the iTunes selection of shows…there are TONS. I think there is a podcast for every niche out there. Personally, I gravitate toward the a few categories: health, society & culture, news & politics and sports. I don’t love every episode in every podcast series, but the same can be said for TV shows. We have our favorites. Some podcasts are very one-sided but I like that I can expand my viewpoint and become informed rather than opinionated.

Health and Fitness Podcasts
health & fitness podcasts

1. Balanced Bites. I don’t follow a Paleo diet but that doesn’t mean I don’t/can’t enjoy listening to a (mostly) Paleo podcast (see above about expanding views). Jen and Liz discuss living Paleo in a modern world where slip-ups, cravings, health problems and LIFE happen. They interview health, fitness and nutrition experts about many topics ranging from food quality and allergies to skin and hair health. Each episode covers many different topics so sometimes I may listen to only a segment or two, depending on the episode.

Jen and Liz don’t shun other diets or ways of living, something we should all work on.

2. Runner’s Connect. If you are in need of some running motivation, this is the podcast for you. Each episode interviews a running industry professional (elite runners, doctors, nutritionists, race directors), and provides invaluable information for runner’s of all levels. You do not need to be a “serious runner” to gain something from this podcast. Tina Muir, a blogger and elite runner, hosts this show!

3. Lift Like A Girl. I just found this podcast from the iTunes “listeners also subscribed to” section. (Note: I’ve only listened to two episodes but enjoyed them both!) This podcast is full of no BS advice on all things health and fitness. Nia’s enthusiastic and honest personality shows as she covers topics ranging from life balance to goal-setting and nutrition.

4. America’s Test Kitchen Radio. All about food, chefs, restaurants and nutrition. Interviews with famous chefs, such as Ina Garten, discussions about diets and food-fads and TONS of kitchen tips and techniques make this a one-stop cooking help show. They also have a website, TV show and magazine. I don’t listen to this when I’m running, for obvious hunger reasons ;)

I’m cheating for #5…

5. Other favorites:
ESPN: The BS Report with Bill Simmons- if you’re a sports fan, like me
Serial- if you STILL haven’t listened…
Marathon Training Academy- if you want more running motivation and advice
Runner Academy- if you want even MORE running motivation and advice

*Joining Clare and Heather for their link-ups today*

What’s your current favorite podcast?
Any plans for Easter/Passover? 


  1. Jen K says

    Oh thanks for this list! I have been looking for more podcasts to add to my day. I feel the same way you do, I like to be distracted while I’m doing something chore like. Have a great weekend!
    Jen K recently posted…Lunges & LipglossMy Profile

  2. Brie @ Lean, Clean, & Brie says

    Thank you so much for sharing this list! I love listening to podcasts but don’t do it nearly enough since I don’t always know what to listen to next! I am going to check out Runner’s Connect & Lift Like a Girl right now!!
    Brie @ Lean, Clean, & Brie recently posted…{Friday Favorites} 4/3My Profile

  3. Gretchen | Gretchruns says

    Love these suggestions! I love listening to podcasts, and my favorites are This American Life, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and Invisibilia. I can’t wait for Serial to come back :)
    Gretchen | Gretchruns recently posted…Top Five Friday #6: Happy ThingsMy Profile

  4. Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine says

    I tried to put some podcasts on my (never used ever for years) ipod….but I couldn’t get them on since my ipod was full and I have no idea how to remove anything…itunes wouldn’t let me :O Hahaha!
    Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine recently posted…Friday Finisher 4/3/15My Profile

  5. Cailee says

    I love podcasts!! …and I love that “productive distraction!” SO true!! …thanks for sharing!
    Cailee recently posted…Happy Easter Weekend!My Profile

  6. Ellen @ My Uncommon Everyday says

    I don’t have tons of time to listen to podcasts, but I’d love to try out a few of these – thanks for the suggestions! Some of my favorites are Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friends (seriously feels like listening to your friends just chat about random life stuff – and it’s hilarious!) and EconTalk (definitely more academic – discusses tons of areas of life in relation to economics).
    Ellen @ My Uncommon Everyday recently posted…Five Friday Favorites 04/03/15My Profile

  7. Rebecca @ MyEagerFeet says

    Marathon Training Academy is one of my favorites too! They were so motivating to listen to when I was training for my first full. I’ve been looking for some new podcasts to listen to…I downloaded an episode of Lift Like a Girl to try. One of my other favorite running podcasts is Embrace Running, and my favorite non-running one is Stuff You Missed in History Class.
    Rebecca @ MyEagerFeet recently posted…Knoxville Marathon RecapMy Profile

    • says

      I discovered Marathon Training Academy when I was training for my first full, too! Listening to people talk about running is (oddly) very motivating. Thanks for those suggestions…I’ve never heard of “Embrace Running.”

  8. Coco says

    I was late to find Serial but did finish it a few weeks ago! I love Americas Test Kitchen. I like the “stories” like This American Life, Snap Judgment, and The Moth Radio Hour, which I also can catch on NPR sometimes.
    Coco recently posted…Five Good Things On Good FridayMy Profile

    • says

      I’ve been following the Serial trial in real life because I loved the podcast. I like This American Life but’ve never heard of your other suggestions. Need to add them to my list!

  9. Lauren says

    Great post. I don’t have a lot of time to listen to podcasts but think if I could put them on my phone at work I could do it!
    Lauren recently posted…5 Friday Favorites: Good Things 4/3/15My Profile

    • says

      I load them on my phone and listen to them when I’m working out or driving for a while. They help pass the time and make me feel like I’m doing something productive while sitting in traffic.

  10. Georgie Morley says

    Love this! I’m a huge podcast/radio junkie. NPR’s Ted Radio Hour is one of my favorites, the NPR app is pretty fantastic in general.

    I also love listening to stand up comedy on Pandora. I like having background noise/people talking when I’m alone so I am always listening to something.
    Georgie Morley recently posted…Finding My Happy Weight and Learning to be Happy With ItMy Profile

    • says

      I agree, NPR is really great. I listen to Pandora/Spotify often when I’m working alone for the same reason…background noise! Either that or I turn on the TV, which isn’t great for my actual productivity ;)

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