Long Run Gear

One of the things I love most about running is that it can require very minimal gear. All you really need is a pair of sneakers and you’re good to go! When it comes to longer runs, while it’s possible to run with just sneakers, having some gear can make the run stronger and more enjoyable.

My Go-To Gear
*No affiliate links. These are simply products that I love and have worked well for me*

Running gear

  • YurBud Headphones. They very rarely fall out, and when they do it’s because I pull them by accident.
  • Running hat (I like this one) and/or sunglasses. I just got these sunglasses as a gift and I love them. They have an adjustable nosepiece (which I need) and polarized lenses.
  • Running Belt. This is one of my favorite things and has made storing food/music/money very easy. It doesn’t bounce around and I barely notice I have it on. There are zippers in the front and back. I wish I could tell you the brand but my mom got it at a craft fair and doesn’t remember the name.
  • Mid-Run Fuel. I don’t love typical sports beans and GU so I found that dried fruit works well for mid-run fuel. It’s easy to store and chew. I’ve also eaten KIND bar as fuel. A little harder to chew because it’s made of whole nuts.
  • Post-Run Fuel. Usually a banana, coconut water and 1-2 bottles of regular water. I’m getting better at remembering to bring food/coconut water with me in my car, as opposed to waiting until I get home to have them.
  • Towel and Happeseat. Obviously this isn’t too important as I don’t care that much about getting sweat on my car seats, but Happeseat is a machine washable car seat cover that helps “wick away moisture“.
  • Some form of I.D. and money. You never know what can happen when you go out for a run, especially a solo-run, so it’s better to come prepared in case of an emergency. I just ordered a Road I.D. so I should be getting that soon! (Thanks for the suggestion, Sarah :))

Like I said, I don’t pack all of this for every run because some of the best runs are just spontaneous (and shorter runs don’t need all the fuel). But sometimes I tend to error on the side of caution and come over prepared.

What is your must-have running or fitness gear?

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  1. pickyrunner says

    Woooooo road Id twins :) I love mine and wear it every day. It’s awesome. I just hear about those happy seat things but they are such a cool idea!

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