Look, I Dressed Up

Happy Thursday everyone! Less than one week until my fall break so the countdown is officially on. But for today, let’s catch up with some things Thinking Out Loud style.


1. Look, I don’t just wear yoga pants and workout clothes! I had to look presentable on two different occasions this past week and it felt kind of nice. Don’t get me wrong, I was very happy to change into comfy clothes, but I did feel very put together for the time being.


Blue and white for a Greek event


Simple (but dressed up for me) for a meeting. Awkward cut off face…

2. Who else agrees this baby is going to be perfect?IMG_7027

3. I need to see Gone Girl ASAP. I read the book last year and really enjoyed it (as much as you can enjoy a mind-twisting story like that). If you’ve read the book and seen the movie: did you think it was a good portrayal?

4. This week as been all about quick and easy re-heat meals. A lot of my meals have been eaten out of tupperware, but this is what they’ve looked like. On Saturday I made a big batch of quinoa, zucchini noodles, and chicken for dinners this week. I made sure I had enough for 5 meals because I don’t have time to cook again until tonight. Food prepping really pays off when you’re stressed and want to eat immediately.

5. The current bane of my existence? Midterms. One down, two to go….

6. I’ve started to think about my post-marathon plans, or lack of. I’m excited to pick up a pair of weights for the first time in a million weeks. When it comes time I will probably still want to run, but I know that my body/legs will need rest so I’m trying to get pumped up to take advantage of the new free time.

7. Just me and my closest pals waiting for the gym to open. I’m pretty much the youngest one at the gym during this time and I’ve become friendly with the older adults. One woman (about 70 years old) goes every morning without fail and told me she “just needs her endorphins first thing!”

8. Last thing…this has got to be my favorite dog picture, minus those of my dog.



Seriously, how cute?! Now, tell me your randomness…

Last movie you’ve seen in theaters?

How often do you “dress up”?

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  1. Strength and Sunshine says

    Don’t you just feel so awesome getting “dressed up”! I did like last Friday after I finished my workout early in the morning and I felt like a million bucks!
    (Yay for early gym-goers! We are the best!)

    • Emily says

      I have so much more motivation to dress up after showering post-gym. It makes me feel very accomplished and like I have my shit together haha

  2. pickyrunner says

    Loveeee the outfits! I hate dressing up but once in awhile it’s kind of nice.

    And Gone Girl. I haven’t read the book but the movie was AMAZING. I don’t say that about many movies that aren’t Rom Coms so I highly highly HIGHLY recommend it.

What are your thoughts?