Never Have I Ever…

It’s that sometimes raunchy, sometimes drinking game that groups of people play during car rides, at parties or at sleepovers (<– at least I did). Never Have I Ever. Today, I’m taking the classic (aka non-raunchy) approach for a little Tuesday fun.

Never have I ever….

…been skiing. I lived in the Northeast for 10+ years and never went once. Tubing, however, is awesome.

…had a beer. I’m still 19 so this should technically be an obvious statement, but I say “beer” specifically because it’s made of barley AKA it’s not gluten-free. I was diagnosed at 13 with celiac and definitely didn’t have beer at that age. So I’ve never tasted real beer (there’s gluten-free but beer but I haven’t had it). This one is my go-to when I play this game because it normally gets lots of people out ;)

…been stung by a bee. Knock. On. Wood.

…eaten dirt…or bugs..or anything little kids eat. I was NOT one of those kids who made “mud-pies.” I was one of those kids running away from the mud, bugs and nature, in general.

…cut class. I went to a very small, Catholic high school and cutting class did not pass through my mind. Unless you call faking a stomach ache to lie down in the nurse’s office “cutting class.” But I personally think that’s a completely valid excuse.

…broken a bone. Again, knock on wood. I’ve convinced myself I’ve broken a bone plenty of times but that’s what using WebMD will do to ya.

…gone to the bathroom in the ocean. I know it’s “ok” to pee in the ocean, but I can’t do it. In my mind the ocean is a completely sanitary place and everyone treats it with respect. At least that’s what I tell myself when I swim in it.

…pulled a real all-nighter. During a sleepover my senior year I made it up to 3:30 a.m., took a desperately needed power nap, and then woke up at 4:30 a.m. I proceeded to go to a full-day of school the next day. I needed like a week to recover from that. But in general, I like need my sleep. Even if I have a big school project or essay due, I always make sure to get at least 6 hours of sleep or else I know I won’t be able to function normally.


This game is next!


Tell me YOUR Never Have I Ever’s!


  1. pickyrunner says

    Such a good idea for a post! I used to be the best at this game since I never did anything crazy and I was the most tame of all my friends ;)

    • Emily says

      Story of my life! I was never the one to suggest playing this game because I didn’t (don’t) do crazy things.

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