The freedom that comes with vacation means ample time for thinking. In my case, overthinking. One minute I can be happy-go-lucky just surfing the internet and the next I’m worrying about my schedule this semester. Worrying so much that I stop what I’m doing and search for different classes on my school’s website.

Additionally, I tend to dwell upon past experiences and wonder what life would be like if I did things differently. For example, I often wonder what life would be like if I went to a different college. If I hadn’t moved so many times. If I joined a certain school organization over the ones I’m in. If I didn’t cut my hair yesterday…OK not really dwelling over that, just wanted to share a picture ;)


Short hair, don’t care ;)

I have no doubt that overthinking is not healthy. In fact, I feel like it’s the source of a lot of my “problems.” Looking back at past worries, I see that 95% of the time, the reality was not as bad as I imagined. Even in the 5% case where the situation was actually bad, why did I have to put myself through the “suffering” beforehand? Why did I want to make myself miserable before the situation? Sometimes I think it’s a coping mechanism so I can prepare for the situation, but being unhappy now won’t make the future any easier. I think it might make it feel worse than it really is.

stop overthinking

Not sure if any of my rambling makes sense, but I guess what I’m getting to is the importance of concentrating on today. I need to live with past decisions and just make the most of them from here on out. I want to redirect my attention to the present moment and occupy my mind with something other than the past. As for future (non-life changing) decisions, for a Type-A planner like me, it might be best to just calm down and go with the flow (<– Which is way easier said than done).

That, or I could just go for a run. Somehow, running solves all. 

How do you ease your worries?

Any plans this weekend?

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  1. Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy says

    Believe me when i say that I can relate. I am a true overthinker. I am constantly thinking, sometimes to the point it takes mr two hours to fall asleep! Its not healthy and thats why this weekend I’m taking time off.

  2. pickyrunner says

    I definitely relate. I’m the worst with overthinking. The. Worst.I definitely use running to solve a lot of problems, but that can become a problem too when I put too much dependence on it. I end up injured and then back to square one so I’ve had to learn to channel that overthinking in other ways. You’re definitely not alone here girl!
    p.s. LOVE your new haircut!!!

    • Emily says

      Thank you :) I agree, too much of anything isn’t good. Journaling and yoga have been great additions to running in terms of overthinking-outlets.

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