Five Photos Friday

Alternately titled “Friday Favorites” but I wanted to change it up today :)

How was your week? I’m probably the only person in the world who is not excited for the weekend. I have an all day commitment tomorrow (7 a.m. – 5 p.m.) and then Sunday is reserved for homework. Hopefully I can sneak in a workout and catch some March Madness games. Who did you pick to win?

Friday Favorites (thanks, Heather and Clare!)

1. Trader Joe’s. After always seeing the goodies that May finds at TJ’s, I was inspired to go. I’ve been a few times before but, honestly, the parking lot is awful and I can never find a spot. It’s also farther from my apartment so I usually go to Whole Foods or Publix. I didn’t do a full refrigerator restock but I did buy some produce, organic chicken thighs, almond butter and frozen vegetables. I will say, their organic meats are so much cheaper than Whole Foods’. Their organic produce in general was cheaper but I noticed the most difference with the meat. I also bought some flowers because I wanted a Monday pick-me-up.

Trader Joe's purchases

Via my Instagram

2. My nut butter collection. With the addition of the aforementioned almond butter, this is my current collection of nut butters. Three of them are nearing the bottom but I’m making myself actually finish a jar before buying a new one. For the sake of money and space.

nut butter jars

3. St. Patrick’s Day KINDness. I failed on my Irish duty of wearing green (I was late for class and forgot. Again, I’m sorry, mom) but I succeed in spreading kindness. I wrapped two bars together with a rubber band, taped on a special note and passed bars out on campus. The idea is to “eat one, KIND one” (eat one, give one to a friend). There aren’t any green KIND bars so I had to work with my supply.

Kind bars

4. This tweet. It describes everything I was feeling this week regarding homework. (P.S. Friends is my all-time favorite show. My sister and I quote it on a regular basis. One time we tried to name as many of the titles (“The One With…”) as we could without looking online. We got 200 out of 236 episodes. Is that an unhealthy sign of obsession? I don’t care)

we were on a break

5. My campus. This was taken at around 10 a.m. on my way to class. No filter. This is a sight I see almost every day and I still can’t get over the beauty.

University of Miami

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Do you like Friends (please say yes)? What is your favorite episode? The One With The Red Sweater. I didn’t even have to think about that.
Did you fill out a bracket? I have Villanova upsetting Kentucky. Most likely it won’t happen, but Villanova was one of my favorite schools so I was feeling a little biased.

Friday Things

Hello, hello! How was your week? As the saying goes, time sure does flies when you’re having fun because my spring break is quickly coming to a close. My posting has been sporadic while I’ve been home but I will return to “normal” next week.

As for today, there are some things I just want need to share. You know, the fun Friday-like things.

*Thanks, Clare and Heather for hosting!

1. I tried to be all healthy and get on the green juice bandwagon. Major fail. I took one sip and gagged. I guess it was partly my fault because I picked the one with the most (?) alkaline. I figured “go big or go home,” but in my case it was a waste of $10. Live an learn, right?

friday things- green juice

Mine is on the left. My mom’s (right) wasn’t great either.

2. It already feels like summer in Florida. I went to a Yankees spring training game this week and it was 90 degrees and sunny. I have a farmer’s tan to prove it. If it’s like this in March, June-September is going to be brutal. But I prefer the heat one million times over the cold, you can quote me on that.

friday things- yankees game

3. I went back to Fresh Kitchen last night for dinner. I’m contemplating going again for lunch tomorrow. It’s THAT good. Tampa people, you must go!

friday things

I got the same thing as last time except with brown rice instead of sweet potato noodles.

4. My dog doesn’t understand selfies. But I sure will miss our walks together.

friday things

5. I haven’t run in a week. Part of me is excited to get back at it (when I feel like it) and part of me has really enjoyed sleeping in and changing up my workouts. Speaking of that, I’ve tried some cool new-to-me exercise classes this week and I will share more soon.

With that, I’m off to enjoy another day of freedom (read: naps).

Do you prefer the hot or cold?

Green juice fan? What’s your favorite combination?

Marvelous Is…

Oh Monday…the only thing going for you this go around is that spring break starts this week. I guess that makes you marvelous?


Thanks, as always, for the link-up, Katie!

Marvelous is… spreading some KINDness on campus. I worked an event last week called the Orange Festival, celebrating the history of U Miami. Even though we aren’t orange-colored or flavored, KIND was there to support!

KIND bar-orange-festival

Marvelous is… a free SoulCycle class. I mentioned it yesterday but Her Campus hosted a free SoulCycle class for all members at the new Coral Gables location. I’m glad I got to go again because I’m now pretty firm in my opinions on the phenomenon. I will always give them credit for awesome music.

Marvelous is… snail mail. I received a few Valentine’s Day cards this week that were held up due to snow in New England. I prefer receiving/sending mail on non-holidays because it adds a surprise. And my Nana helped pay for my not so marvelous parking ticket from last week #oops.

Valentine's Day cards

Not so marvelous is… the weather getting hotter. I think I’m in the extreme minority when I say that I wish the weather stayed like it is now. Sunny, 75 and NOT humid. Oh well, it’s a price I’m willing to pay for almost year round sun.

Marvelous is... making career moves. Or potential career moves. I’ve been feeling pretty grown up for my ripe age of 20 lately.

Not so marvelous is… cover letter writing. Enough said.

Marvelous is... good, simple dinners. I think I’ve nailed the chicken or salmon and sweet potato dinner. I make it enough, right? ;) Looking forward to my mom’s cooking this week!


Marvelous is… the dress being declared BLACK AND BLUE. Sorry, I had to include it.

What color did you see? Black and blue, no question.

What was your favorite meal from the weekend?