Rediscovering My Love of Running

It’s been five months since the New York City Marathon.

Five months of a complicated relationship with running.

I’ve obviously continued running since the marathon but my desire and love for the sport hasn’t been constant. Running wasn’t as fun for a while. It was a chore. A chore that I gritted my teeth and did because “that’s what runner’s do.” I had some leftover energy from the marathon but my real priority was maintaining my fitness. Because losing fitness is the absolute worst thing in the world…

Rediscovering my love of running

After the marathon I was physically worn-out and my body was telling me (knee pain, slight hip pain, general exhaustion). While I did decrease my mileage and intensity it was not enough for a full mental or physical recovery. It was enough to lose a significant amount of running speed and endurance, which, looking at the big picture, I’m not at all mad about. (It’s actually kind of fun to see progress while regaining fitness).

Five months later I’m regaining my running mojo.

So what clicked after all this time? While I can’t pin-point one thing I can say that time away from running (consistently) helped. Since the new year I’ve been better at not forcing myself to run just because it’s been two, three, four, five days off. I’ve run based on the weather, my energy level and schedule. I’ve taken it day-by-day.

Lately? I’ve been excited to run. I’ve enjoyed my time on the roads (or treadmill). Let’s hope I didn’t jinx myself…

Believe me when I say that I understand how hard it can be to not follow a plan. But after four months of a plan it’s nice not having to look at a schedule. I think having a mix of both “planned” running/training and “free” running is a good balance for me, because I do like both sides. 

My mileage may not be high and my pace may not be fast, but my love of running is back. Let me tell you, it’s a beautiful feeling.

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Do you follow a workout schedule? 
What do you do when you lose your love of running/fitness? Trying new workouts also helped me bridge the complicated running gap.

Workouts 3/22 – 3/28

This was a great running week. My running mojo ebbs and flows, as you may have guessed from my recaps over the last few months. When I’m not training for a race, I just do what feels good that day. This week, it happened to be running. I’d be lying if I said these few good runs haven’t made me want to sign up for a race. After a few months off from training I may be getting the bug again.

Sunday: 3 miles of jog/sprint intervals + 20 minutes upper body weights

Monday: 5 miles (on treadmill). Good news and bad news about this run. Good: my apartment gym got new, WORKING treadmills so I don’t have to always drive to campus to run in the gym when it’s dark. Bad: There is NO A/C in my apartment gym. I ran in a sports bra (for like the first time ever) because I was so hot.

Oh, and another piece of good news…I started watching “The Blacklist” during this run. SO good.

Tuesday: Hot yoga

Wednesday: Spin (I used this playlist)

Thursday: 5 miles + hot yoga

Friday: Off

Saturday: 8 miles. Not much to say except everything felt great. Even better, I ended my run at Whole Foods. My favorite place + no crowds + runger (hungry from running) = a great morning.

Happy Sunday! xo

Do you workout in sports bras?
Do you watch TV while working out?

Workouts 3/15 – 3/21

Another good and varied week of exercise. I am very happy to say that I lifted weights twice this week. That hasn’t happened in a while so it feels great. I also made it back to my yoga studio and it was a tough class after over two weeks off. I needed the sweat and stretching.

I wanted to run with the Running Club yesterday (Saturday) but I had to be at work by 7 a.m. (sense my enthusiasm). Hopefully next weekend!

Sunday: 4 miles. It was that run I talked about earlier this week. Needless to say, it was tough.

Monday: 30 minutes of upper body weights (mainly back and biceps)

Tuesday: 3.25 miles. Afternoon runs are hard for me, but the summer-like weather made it even more challenging. Time to get readjusted to running in the heat.

Wednesday: Spin (I used this playlist from a few weeks ago) + 20 minutes of chest and triceps.

Thursday: 4 easy miles in the morning + hot yoga at night

Friday: 90 minute walk while listening to podcasts. I covered about 5.25 miles. The weather was too gorgeous to not stay outside as long as possible. Especially because I knew I would be inside all day on Saturday.

Saturday: Off

What’s your favorite podcast?
How often do you lift weights?