Feeling Kind (Giveaway!)

Hello and happy Monday! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and treated yourself to something nice on Valentine’s Day. In the spirit of loving yourself, your friends, your body and your world, I thought it would be fitting to host a giveaway of one of my favorite products: KIND bars! I’ve been blogging for 9 months now and I want to share something as a thank you for sticking around ;) Plus, KIND is close to my heart for many reasons.


All KIND products are gluten-free and non-GMO. The wrappers are clear because they aren’t trying to hide any ingredients. Flip the bar over and you’ll be able to pronounce every ingredient on the list. That’s rare today with all of the snack bars on the market. More than the “core bars” KIND makes savory protein bars called STRONG & KIND made with all natural pea protein, and KIND Healthy Grains, in both granola and bar form.

If you didn’t know, I work for KIND. I’ve been a campus ambassador at my school for two years and I love everything about this company. I attend events on campus and sample bars in hopes of “spreading the kindness.” But even if I didn’t work for them, I would still be a kindaholic. In fact, I was a kindaholic for years before I got this job.


When I was diagnosed with celiac in 2008, KIND bars were one of the few safe and tasty products on the market. I was there at the beginning when there were only a handful of flavors and have enjoyed watching this company grow.

More than the delicious and healthy products, KIND’s social mission is what sets them apart. KIND is committed to making the world a better place, one snack at a time. The KIND Movement encourages random acts of kindness, big or small, with the tagline “do the KIND thing.” It can be as small as holding the door for someone, or, in my case, handing out bars at the library for a study snack. These small things add up and if we just continue this mission, we really can change the world.

Ok, on to the giveaway :)


I’m giving away a package with one box of the following KIND products:

-1 box of KIND Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt (12 bars total)

-1 box of STRONG & KIND BBQ Almond (12 bars total)

-1 box of KIND Healthy Grains Bars- Vanilla Blueberry (5 bars total)

-1 bag of KIND Healthy Grains- Vanilla Blueberry Clusters

-KIND sunglasses, a #kindawesome sticker (for your computer, notebook, etc.) and a KIND tote, perfect for carrying lunch to class or work

To enter, please fill out the form below.

The giveaway will run until this Thursday, February 19 at 11:59 p.m. 

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Hope this starts your Monday off on the right foot :)

What is your favorite flavor of KIND bars?

What was the last KIND act you did?

World Kindness Day, Group Projects and Snacks

How’s that for an odd title? I hope you all had a nice weekend! Mine was a mix of relaxing and busy, so I guess that’s good. This is my last week of class before Thanksgiving break. Miami gives us a full week off for Thanksgiving (which I actually hate because then we have to go a week later in December) so I’ll be flying up to the New England this weekend to start my holiday. That in itself is pretty marvelous :)

Backing up to Thursday….National World Kindness Day. To celebrate World Kindness Day, I took part in KIND‘s company-wide initiative and handed out flowers (with a note) and bars to people on campus. Across the country we distributed more than 35,000 flowers and bars total! The goal was to inspire kindness and invite others to join the KIND Movement. Just another reason I love my company.


Although I did look like an out-of-place florist walking around with bags of flowers, people were so appreciative and happy. It’s these small things that can make a difference in our world.


But I officially need to clean my car as it looks and smells like a flower delivery truck- ha!


Not my typical rear-view sight!

The weekend was all about group projects. Fun stuff, right? For 3/5 of my classes, I have a group project worth at least 30% of my grade (one project is 50%…). Anyone who’s ever been in college (or school for that matter) can attest that group projects can be a miserable experience. Yes, it’s hard to coordinate meeting times around everyone’s schedules but it’s even harder to trust that people will do the work…correctly! That’s my Type-A coming out. Let’s just say I will be very glad when these presentations are over in December!

One good (and tasty) thing to come out of my weekend? Almond butter + oats + honey + cinnamon balls. I was hungry and wanted something different to snack on so I decided to do something with the almond butter jar in the back of my pantry. Even though it’s “healthier,” almond butter just doesn’t compare to peanut butter for me. I like the taste of it but don’t go through jars as quickly as I do with peanut butter. But now the jar is empty because of these:IMG_7397


So easy and I will be making these more often. Next time I’ll add other “extras” like chia seeds or dried fruit. Any suggestions for good combinations?

Hope your Monday is off to a fantastic start!

Favorite thing from the weekend?

Tell me your best or worst group project experience…

Chicago Day 2: #Kindawesome

I left off my first recap talking about my little adventure around the beautiful city of Chicago. After I wandered for a few hours I headed back to the hotel to get ready for the real reason why I was in Chicago: The KIND University Ambassador (KUA) Summit.

I work for KIND Healthy Snacks as a campus ambassador at my school. (Not familiar with KIND? Click here!) During the school year I represent KIND by living the brand on campus. What does that mean? In addition to my marketing role of building partnerships with student organizations and sampling product to students, I try to spread kindness around campus. KIND is more than a healthy (and delicious) snack company, our mission is to make the world a little kinder…one snack and kind act at a time. (Side note: Every month KIND donates $10,000 to one KIND Cause. Submit your cause and vote online!)

I am one of 70 KIND University Ambassador’s (KUA’s) from all across the country (and Canada!). Last year was the first year of the program and we had about 40 schools, so to almost double in one year is amazing! The Summit took place in Chicago for its central location and I liked that I got the chance to explore a new-to-me city, rather than New York (which will always be my favorite). We stayed at the MileNorth hotel which was right off Michigan Avenue and I shared a room with the KUA from The University of California at Berkley. She was so sweet and easy to get along with! I actually felt so comfortable with everyone at the Summit and wished we didn’t all go to different schools.

The only event on Tuesday was a welcome reception on the rooftop of the hotel. We played some icebreaker games and I really enjoyed talking to students from (literally) all corners of the country. I had similar friends with a some students too. Small world.


ADPi KUA’s at the welcome reception.

After the reception my roommate, the KUA from Boston University and I walked to Whole Foods for dinner. That would be my second trip to that Whole Foods in 6 hours. Go me..?!

The next morning started with a breakfast at 7 a.m. followed by our morning sessions. The meeting room was filled with KIND bars galore. #Kindawesome is really the best way to describe it.


There were 5 bins like this around the room. My tummy was happy.

There were 5 bins like this around the room. My tummy was happy.

Our morning sessions featured presentations from different departments of the company (Marketing, Sales and HR) and, before we broke for lunch, we had the pleasure of listening to the CEO and Founder Daniel Lubetzky speak. Daniel may have been one of the most inspiring individuals I’ve ever met. His dreams and vision for the KIND and how we can change the world makes me so excited and proud to work for this company.

After a quick lunch we broke into smaller groups for our afternoon sessions and then we sampled product on the streets of Chicago. We probably looked very intimidating wearing matching shirts and (unintentionally) blocking the sidewalks. Just spreading kindness whenever and wherever we can!

Around 4 p.m. we hopped on shuttles to the airport, and that was when the fun ended (literally)…after spending much of last weekend in a car, I’m kind of sick of traveling. I was 2.5 hours early for my flight (there was only one bus for the group) so I killed time by eating and reading. I was starving and needed some nourishing food to top my plain salad so I went up to the counter at a Mexican fast food restaurant and bought an avocado. Just a full avocado. I probably looked like a freak cutting the avocado in the middle of the airport, but hey, it was the best $2 I spent that day!


Everything was smooth sailing flight-wise until we boarded the plane and then found out we would be delayed for 1.5 hours. We couldn’t leave the plane AND the A/C wasn’t working. I finally landed back home at midnight and stayed up until 1 a.m. talking to my mom.

I’m truly so grateful to be working for KIND and am so thankful for my rewarding experience in Chicago.

More posts on KIND (and give-a-ways) in the future :)

Any Kindaholics out there? What’s your favorite flavor? Mine is Almond & Coconut.