Hello, I Have A Blog

You have to admit, blogging is a weird concept. It’s modern, trendy and often misunderstood by people. Particularly by those who have never heard of the term before.

I think blogging can be very misconstrued. Also, “blog” is a weird word to say (or write, for that matter). Before I began blogging or even reading blogs (3-4 years ago) I assumed bloggers were either a) fashionistas or b) recluse computer nerds. In my mind those were the only two categories. I didn’t understand why someone would keep a public diary and want to connect with people they had never met…and will probably never meet.

Admittedly, I bought into the stereotypes. I believed that bloggers were anti-social and in need of friends.

To say I was wrong is an understatement.

I have a blog

Bloggers are some pretty cool people. First, they have busy, exciting lives in the “real world.” They (can) publish relatable, useful and inspiring content. They share knowledge and opinions and provide insight on their topics of speciality (determining the qualifications of bloggers giving advice/knowledge is for another post. I have thoughts on that). Overall, they aren’t the “freaks” I thought they were.

I’ve mentioned this before but other than my immediate family and one friend, I haven’t told anyone about my blog. I have a separate Twitter and Instagram account and I don’t have a Facebook page for my blog.

My reasons? I’m embarrassed.

-I’m embarrassed to have people I know in “real life” read some of my vulnerable thoughts and experiences. I’m afraid I’ll be judged by what I write.

-I’m embarrassed to admit that I feel a bond with people (other bloggers) I’ve never met.

-I’m embarrassed by my old posts from when I first started (hello awful pictures and random formatting).

-I’m embarrassed that I willingly spend time and enjoy writing, brainstorming, reading other people’s opinions and having conversations over a topic/issue.

-While this has nothing to do with embarrassment, I feel like people I know will comment on posts and voice their approval just because they know me. Not because of the content.

Are these concerns valid, I’m not sure. 

But I feel like I’m Hannah Montana, keeping a deep dark secret from people. Ok, that was a self-indulgent thought. I may only share bits and pieces of my daily life here, but blogging has undoubtedly become part of my life. When I told my friend about this blog I said it out of shame. Like blogging was a bad thing.

I’m learning more and more that blogging is not something to be embarrassed about. In fact, that’s the opposite of what I should feel.  Being able to generate thought-provoking and/or helpful content is something to be proud of. At least I think so!

In general, and if used properly (not as a forum for criticizing, spreading false information, or comparison), blogging is pretty darn awesome.

Sure it might be “weird” to an outsider but who really cares? As long as I’m writing this blog for ME and using it as a creative outlet, which it has been phenomenal at, then I think it’s something worth sharing to friends and family.

Look out, world. We’re really going public now.

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WIAW: Thoughts on Food Prep

I have no patience when it comes to food.

Scratch that…I have no patience. Long lines, traffic and slow walkers drive me crazy. The last one is odd because I’m a really slow walker.

So when it comes to food, when I want it, I want it now. Or preferably 5 minutes ago.

Food prep

Breakfast: 2 bowls of oatmeal with Barney Butter and strawberries + green tea (almost finished by this point)

This is where food prep and simple meals come in handy. Make a lot at once and reheat when needed? Sounds good to me. I end up cooking three or four times a week and, for the most part, I’m pro-food prep. However, there are instances when I want a fresh-out-of-the-oven meal instead of a microwaved dinner.

Watermelon- food prep

Mid-morning snack: Already cut-up watermelon (thanks, food prep) after the oatmeal.

Meals taste a little more like home when they’re eaten right after cooking. The warming, familiar smells fill my apartment and overpower the remnants of any foods my roommates (or I) have eaten that don’t have a pleasant smell.

Yet food prep, even if it’s just making lunches or the “base” of meals in advance, is extremely helpful. I feel like I really have my life together when I can grab my already made lunch, stuff it in my Lululemon lunch bag and head to campus without much thought. Especially when it’s early in the morning.

Salad- food prep

Lunch before mixing…

Salad- food prep

Lunch after mixing…1/2 avocado, deli turkey, tomatoes, sliced almonds, spinach and a coconut balsamic dressing

I’d prefer to always prep food on the weekends but, as we all know, life happens. Yet, sometimes, that “life” is me being lazy or not having all the ingredients on hand. For example, last Thursday I made a batch of roasted vegetables and planned on making quinoa at the same time. Not having any quinoa in my pantry threw a wrench into my plans so I made it on Friday. It was less overwhelming and I still got it done.

Snack- food prep

Snack: Almonds + my new favorite flavor of kombucha

Salmon- food prep

Dinner: Dijon salmon + baked sweet potato + roasted mixed vegetables. Everything was made the night before.

My only other so-called complaint with food prep is the clean-up. When I’m home I have a deal with my mom…every night she makes dinner I will clean up completely. I think if you cook, you shouldn’t have to clean. Right? Good deal in my mind.

Well, because I’m on my own most of the time, I have to put on my big-girl pants and hand wash lots of bowls, pots and pans. My apartment kitchen is really small so I feel a cramped when I’m cooking and cleaning. But that’s a third world problem that I’m more than willing to live with.

Snack- food prep

Snack: Apple + almond butter

As of now, I have a small list of “food prep foods” (sweet potatoes, quinoa, roasted vegetables, some baked protein). One of these days I will branch out and prep something crazy like a full Thanksgiving turkey dinner.

Just don’t hold me to it.

Thanks for hosting, Jenn!

Do you prep food in advance?

Prioritizing Self-Care

Remember how I said I was dreading this weekend? That I had to work all-day Saturday and was planning to spend Sunday doing homework? Well, Saturday went as planned (work is work) but Sunday was different. Different in the most marvelous way.

Marvelous in my Monday

After a very long Saturday I came back to my apartment and crashed. When I woke up in the morning I randomly decided to ignore my to-do list. (Side note: I’m starting to hate those words. I don’t really have a “to-do list.” Just sh*t that must get done soon.) I was exhausted from a stressful first week back and, quite frankly, did not feel like staring at a computer screen doing homework or being stuck inside cleaning my room.

So I made Sunday a “me day.” I prioritized self-care. I didn’t do one productive thing. It was glorious.

Before you start thinking “aw, good for her for treating herself,” you should know that this is not new for me. I’ve become very aware of when it’s time for me to ditch my to-do list. I know when I need a break and I don’t feel guilty for taking it. So this happens a lot, but I just don’t blog about it every single time (sometimes I do) because a) I don’t need support that I “did the right thing” and b) I think it’s something a lot of people in the “real world” do.

I hate the glorification of busy (that’s a whole post in itself), and I feel like a lot of people/bloggers say they are always “busy.” Duh, everyone’s busy. Whether you’re a student, a stay-at-home-parent, a working parent, etc., we all have full plates. Even when we aren’t actually busy we tend to say we are because it seems like the cool thing to do. That’s not a club I want to be apart of.

This was my scene until noon.

Prioritizing self-care

I had a leisurely breakfast, caught up on some magazines and watched Netflix. Later, I went to the gym, saw my friend perform in a play on-campus, went shopping and actually spent money (I’m a perpetual “saver” so it’s rare for me to spend money on something other than food). I even got a massage. Thank you, gift card.

I cooked a delicious dinner, watched some March Madness (my bracket is ruined) and finished with some light yoga.

No homework. No cleaning. No schedule. Just how weekend’s should be, right?!

Prioritizing self-care

My usual (and favorite) dinner.

Full disclosure, I knew I didn’t have anything important due tomorrow in class so I was just “slacking” on the rest of the week’s assignments.

I think prioritizing self-care is extremely important and whether it involves spending time outside, walking, exercise, shopping, cooking, sleeping or Netflix-binging, it needs to happen sometimes. Also, I don’t think we should wait until we explode from our full schedules to have this type of day. I think they should be a regular thing. Ok, maybe not a shopping spree every week, but an occasional splurge, monetary or not, shouldn’t be a big deal.

Just don’t go into debt and blame it on me.

How do you treat yourself? Massages and leisurely walks are two of my favorite ways.
Do you live by to-do lists?