Spring Break Realizations

Hi from Miami! I’m back in the swing of things and feeling very grateful for this past week. This was my last spring break, and unlike the majority of the college population, I didn’t go to Mexico and get drunk. It was simple, restful and marvelous. Oddly it was pretty eye-opening as well. A few of my realizations…

Not running for a week won’t kill me. I didn’t do any cardio for 9 days and while I did workout, part of me was paranoid that I would a) gain 10 pounds…not that that’s a bad thing, b) never want to run again, or c) lose all of my fitness. Wrong, wrong and wrong. Taking just those few days off revived my love of running AND allowed me to focus on other forms of exercise that I enjoy as well, like strength training. I *hope* I can continue lifting at least twice a week because I’m already seeing progress and, more importantly, feeling strong.

Megaformer Tampa

More on this tomorrow!

Sometimes you need a little more food. While I can’t remember when I last stepped on a scale, I can tell I gained some weight. Guess what? I’m happy about that. I know, how often do you hear people say they’re happy about gaining weight? Before break, even though I might not have noticed it, I was exhausted and weak. I needed rest and more nutrients so I made it my mission to take advantage of a full refrigerator, hearty meals and leftovers. What a difference proper nutrition makes. Seriously, healthy fats and carbs are good for your soul (at least I think so).

I may not have a Starbucks habit, but my “speciality drink” obsession has gone to a new level. I can’t say I’m mad. I tried, and loved, Bai and a new-to-me brand of kombucha, Kevita.

You can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Easter in one night…before either holiday happens. Saturday night my mom realized that we wouldn’t be together as a family for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter so we had a mini-celebration of both holidays. We wore green necklaces and hats at dinner and then painted Easter eggs after.

coloring easter eggs

You don’t have to talk every day to remain close friends. My best friend was in town for a few nights so we met for dinner. Over two hours and many stories later, I felt like we’d never spent time apart. We text regularly but nothing will compare to catching up in person. She’s pretty special.

I may never want to leave home, but the transition gets a little easier every time. When I used to visit home during my freshman year, going back to school felt impossible. It was almost easier not to go home so I wouldn’t have to make the transition back. Now, while it may not be fun, I see the bigger picture. In just 7 weeks and I’ll be back again so it’s time to finish out the semester on a high note.

wine night

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College students: how was your break?
What’s your favorite “specialty drink?”

Relaxing My Mind & Body

I didn’t take many pictures this weekend because, frankly, I didn’t do anything picture-worthy.

Actually, I didn’t do anything. It was perfect.

Linking up to MIMM. Thanks for always starting the week off on a positive note, Katie!

Relaxing My Mind & Body | myhealthyishlife.com

Lots of slow walks out here. Too beautiful.

When I come home, for any length of time, I snap into “relaxation” mode pretty quickly. Not that I’m not relaxed in Miami, but there’s something about being home that relieves any pressure and expectations. Pressure to be productive, to workout and to eat healthy. There’s no structure at home, other than my mandatory naps, and it’s been freeing.

I often feel the need to justify my choices, particularly those that involve being lazy on the couch, because I feel guilty. Everyone else in the (blog) world is working, working out, raising a family and contributing to society, so they have the right to downtime when they choose. What gives me the right to do nothing? Then I start listing all the things I’ve done and it becomes another comparison tirade.

Not cool. Not fair. Not worth my time.

To be honest, after my first lazy day on Friday I was both embarrassed and concerned over how tired I was. I couldn’t (and still can’t) pinpoint exactly what caused this wave of exhaustion because my exercise has been very light and school hasn’t been super crazy. But I was definitely feeling burned out. It felt good to finally admit and accept it.

I’ve slept the best I have since winter break and I’ve taken multiple naps during the day. I’ve also been eating to my heart’s/stomach’s content with more snacks than normal, larger portions and different foods, all while ignoring the clock. If I wanted a second lunch at 3 p.m., I ate it. A heavier mid-morning snack, why not? Sure, part of this is because I have access to more food at home, but this change is due, in part, to relaxation.

My nap partner says hi

My nap partner says hi

I have some activities planned for the week but I’m going to ride this train as long as I can. Some people may get antsy if they aren’t productive, but I’ve learned that if I let myself get bored now I will come back more energized, passionate and excited later. I think after this week at home that I will feel refreshed in all aspects of my life.

The same thing goes for workouts/training schedules. We can’t always be training for a race, so taking a break longer than 2 or 3 days (in a row…gasp) shouldn’t be seen as a setback. It’s sometimes what we need to come back stronger, mentally and physically.

Here’s to a marvelous week of fully decompressing and thinking longterm. (Side note: I’m not sure what blogging will look like, but I’ll probably post a few days). One week away from routine won’t kill you. In fact, it might be just what you (and I) need.

What do you do to fully relax?
College students: what are your spring break plans?

Marvelous Is…

Oh Monday…the only thing going for you this go around is that spring break starts this week. I guess that makes you marvelous?


Thanks, as always, for the link-up, Katie!

Marvelous is… spreading some KINDness on campus. I worked an event last week called the Orange Festival, celebrating the history of U Miami. Even though we aren’t orange-colored or flavored, KIND was there to support!

KIND bar-orange-festival

Marvelous is… a free SoulCycle class. I mentioned it yesterday but Her Campus hosted a free SoulCycle class for all members at the new Coral Gables location. I’m glad I got to go again because I’m now pretty firm in my opinions on the phenomenon. I will always give them credit for awesome music.

Marvelous is… snail mail. I received a few Valentine’s Day cards this week that were held up due to snow in New England. I prefer receiving/sending mail on non-holidays because it adds a surprise. And my Nana helped pay for my not so marvelous parking ticket from last week #oops.

Valentine's Day cards

Not so marvelous is… the weather getting hotter. I think I’m in the extreme minority when I say that I wish the weather stayed like it is now. Sunny, 75 and NOT humid. Oh well, it’s a price I’m willing to pay for almost year round sun.

Marvelous is... making career moves. Or potential career moves. I’ve been feeling pretty grown up for my ripe age of 20 lately.

Not so marvelous is… cover letter writing. Enough said.

Marvelous is... good, simple dinners. I think I’ve nailed the chicken or salmon and sweet potato dinner. I make it enough, right? ;) Looking forward to my mom’s cooking this week!


Marvelous is… the dress being declared BLACK AND BLUE. Sorry, I had to include it.

What color did you see? Black and blue, no question.

What was your favorite meal from the weekend?

The Merriest of Days

What better way to start off the week than by recapping one of the most marvelous days of the year?MiMM

On Christmas Eve we drove to Orlando to celebrate the evening with family. We went to Christmas Eve service before eating a delicious dinner. On the table: ham, salmon, lasagna, roasted vegetables, salad and sweet potatoes.


The weather has been warmer than normal for this time of year so we were able to eat dinner outside by their pool. Gotta love Christmas in Florida!

After dessert and some present-opening, we drove back home and got ready for Santa ;)


No matter how old I get, Christmas morning is still so magical. I hope to never lose that feeling. It was just the four of us for the entire day and it ended up being pretty perfect. As for gifts, I guess I was a very good girl this year. I feel very lucky…I’ll keep it at that.


I do want to share this ornament I gave to my mom (a personal trainer and wine lover) because I loved it…

After a very lazy morning, my dad and I went for a quick run before dinner. We had an early dinner (3:30) of leftover fish, ham, salad, sweet potatoes and watermelon. I specifically requested the last item, if you didn’t guess. Even though we were in casual clothes and eating a hodgepodge of food we used our nice Christmas china so it felt fancy.


Following dinner we played rummy 500 and then joined in with the rest of America and streamed The Interview. It may have been the dumbest most anti-Christmas-spirit movie ever. A few laughs but I’m sure glad we didn’t pay to see it in theaters.

The excitement is still hanging around here because my birthday is tomorrow (finally 20!) and my mom’s is on Sunday.

I hope you and your family had an equally wonderful day.

What did you eat for Christmas dinner?

What was your favorite gift that you GAVE?