April Playlist

Thanks for all of your comments on Wednesday’s post! I’m looking forward to an awesome summer :)

For this playlist I included a mix of new and old songs, like usual. For some reason I’m still not sick of “Uptown Funk” (sorry if you are). My mom and I refuse to listen to any of our workout songs when we’re not working out, meaning driving in the car. We will both change the radio station if a song on our playlist comes on. I think that prevents us from getting tired of our music. That, or we’re just weird ;)

My current favorite song is “How Bad Do You Want It” from the movie Furious 7.

playlist april 2015

Per reader suggestion, I made this playlist on Spotify!

Suggested Ride

1. Warm-up
2. Moderate hill in 2 and 3
3. Heavy hill in 3 (pick-ups on the chorus)
4. Sprints
5. Jumps on a moderate hill
6. Jumps and pick-ups on the chorus
7. Moderate hill, alternating seated and out in 3
8. Heavy hill in 3
9. Sprints
10. Jumps and runs in 2
11. Seated moderate hill, out to 3 on chorus
12. Heavy hill in 3
13. Sprints
15. Cool down

What’s your current favorite song?
Do you get sick of music easily?

Spinning Playlist- March 2015

Thank you all so much for your support on yesterday’s post. Just another reason why blogging is awesome :)

To lighten the mood today after some “deep” posts this week, I have a new spinning playlist for you. I’ve decided that I’m going to share my playlists just once a month now. I typically make new playlists only once a month anyway and just reuse old ones for my weekly class. If only money grew on trees!

I used this playlist on Wednesday and everyone agreed that the class went by faster than normal. I broke it up into four segments of two songs on a hill + one song on a flat road. The exact moves/positions varied but that was the general theme.

spin playlist

Suggested Ride

Note: I program all classes to the beat of the music. When the beat picks up, that’s when your pace picks up. Also, I listed the resistance I cued for each track. 7/10 = 7 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the heaviest hill. Of course, this is just a suggested ride. The music is great for any upbeat workout. 

1. Warm-Up

Segment 1
2. Moderate hill seated (7/10); pick-ups in 3 on the chorus
3. Heavy hill in 3 (9/10); pick up pace on chorus
4. Jumps (5-6/10)

Segment 2
5. Moderate hill seated and in 3 (7-8/10) with jumps mixed in
6. Heavy hill in 3 (8-9/10)
7. Jumps on the verses, sprints on the chorus (5-6/10)

Segment 3
8. Moderate hill in 2 and 3 (7-8/10)
9. Heavy hill in 2 and 3 (9/10)
10. Sprints on the chorus (5-6/10)

Segment 4
11. Jumps on a moderate hill (7-8/10)
12. Heavy hill in 3 (9/10)
13. Sprints on the chorus (5-6/10)

14. Cool down

Lastly, a few of my favorite posts from this week…

What is your why? And why it matters! via Run to the Finish

How To Become Gluten Intolerant via Devour (it’s a little long but gave me a good laugh)

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Favorite thing you read this week?
How often do you change your workout music?

Spinning Playlist + Link Love

Wahoo, Friday! Any fun weekend plans? Mine include somehow mentally and physically powering through the Princess Half Marathon. I’m the least prepared I’ve ever been for a race so this should be interesting.

Changing gears…For Valentine’s Day a family friend gave me an iTunes gift card so I put it right to use and made a playlist for my spin class. I themed this as a “pyramid ride.” For the first half of class we were building up to the top of our hill, and the second half we were coming down, following the same type of choreography on each sides of the pyramid (I’ll explain below). We ended with a special “finisher,” sprints on a hill.

Spinning playlist

1. Warm-up
2. 30 second sprint – 30 second recovery (6/10 on a hill)
3. Runs in 2
4. Jumps (starting at 4 counts seated, 4 counts standing; then picking it up to 2×2)
5. Moderate hill with hovers (7-8/10)
6. Heavy hill in 3 (9/10)
7. Continue heavy hill in 3; This is the PEAK of your hill; when there is about 2 minutes left of the song, take one turn off resistance)
8. Moderate hill with pickups in 3 (7-8/10)
9. Jumps (same cues as earlier)
10. Runs in 2
11. Sprints
12. Sprints on a hill during the chorus (8/10)
13. Cooldown

“Closer to the Edge” is such an awesome workout song. I remember it being a killer squat track in Body Pump, too!

Lastly, a few favorite posts and recipes lately:

Jeans and Genes – On How I Learned To Love My Body– Davida (The Healthy Maven)

Becoming Lost (and Found)– Sam (Better With Sprinkles)

Rosemary Coconut Stove Top Sweet Potatoes– Catherine (Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth)

Sticky Baked Chicken with Apricot, Sage and Lemon Zest– Gina (Skinny Taste)

(*Mom we are making these recipes over break!) 

Have a wonderful weekend!

**P.S. The winner was chosen for my KIND Snacks giveaway…check your emails!

What was the best post you’ve read lately?

All-time favorite workout song?