Being Tourists + Weekend Recap

Happy (?) first day of work to me. While I’m glad to get into a routine of sorts, I don’t know what to expect and that scares me. Growing up I was always excited for the first day of school (weird) but the firsts of anything now give me butterflies. It’s normal, I’ll be fine, so let’s move on.

The (marvelous) weekend. Since I already had a week of free time to explore, Saturday and Sunday blended in with the “regular” days. Except for yesterday around 8 p.m. when the Sunday night blues set in. Still, both were pretty awesome and filled to the brim with activities.

On Saturday one of my good friends (since kindergarten!) came into the city for the day. We took the subway over to Brooklyn to go to Smorgasburg. It was at East River State Park and there were tons of craft and food vendors. It was basically an Instagram lover’s dream. We probably said the word “trendy” a million times in describing things we saw. #Wearenottrendy.

This view though…

being tourists

We then made our way to the Brooklyn Bridge. If that craft fair was an Instagram lover’s dream, the Brooklyn Bridge is their heaven. Seriously.

being tourists

If you don’t take a picture at the Brooklyn Bridge, did you really even go to the Brooklyn Bridge?

THIS view though…

being tourists

It was pretty much a perfect walk across the Bridge, minus the bikes which were crazy to navigate around. It’s funny, I lived right outside the city for 10 years (my friend for more than that) and we both said that we’ve never really done touristy things, or we did when we were little. I went to the top of the Empire and was fortunate enough to go to the top of the World Trade Center when I was 5 or 6. I guess when you live so close it sounds kind of weird to do that stuff, but you’ve got to do it sometime.

On Sunday I had special visitors take me out to lunch: my grandparents! They took the bus into the city and we went to a different craft fair (there are so many) before going to lunch and walking around.

weekend recap

At night, I walked down toward Radio City to grab dinner and tried to see some of the Tony Awards red carpet (underneath the white tent in the back). I couldn’t see much but there were tons of people in pretty gowns lined up to get in.

weekend recap

So that brings me to Sunday night. Lunch packed, outfit ready, alarm set.

First day of work, I’m coming for ya.

NYC tourist suggestions? 
What’s your favorite day of the week? Other than the occasional Sunday night blues, I really love Sunday’s. Especially in football season, duh.

Top 10 Highlights

Happy Memorial Day. Take a minute and remember all of the amazing men and women who served and continue to serve our great country.

I hope that wherever you live you are enjoying the unofficial start of summer. Except if you’re in Florida with me because it’s now the start of “spend every minute inside or die of heat stroke” season. I have a feeling New York will feel just as hot but at least I’m prepared.

I know the weekend isn’t over yet but Monday just feels like a good day to recap life lately. In honor of David Letterman’s retirement last week, I thought a top 10 list-style was appropriate. It’s been a while since I’ve written in real-time (last week was all pre-scheduled, which is RARE) so let’s catch up…

Top 10 Highlights from the Week

10. Zoominations at the Lowry Park Zoo. After dinner one night we went to the zoo in Tampa for a Chinese lantern exhibit called “Zoominations” (a play on the word “illuminations”). This was probably the closest I’ll get to climbing The Great Wall.

top 10 highlights

top 10 highlights

9. New York planning. I’m SO excited for my summer in the city. I’m always online looking at restaurants, shops, workouts and other random activities. I spent an embarrassingly long time planning out my meals for the first few days I’m there.

8. Finding The Tonight Dough at the market. I bought it as a half-birthday gift for my sister (yes we celebrate half-birthdays. Read more here). She was so excited and I won “best gift AND sister award.” Well, I awarded myself those honors.

top 10 highlights- tonight dough

7. Spoxing. This was such a great (and interesting) workout. I’ve been loving going to classes with Christina.

top 10 highlights- spoxing

6. Going to Buddy Brew with Christina. We followed up spoxing by going to a cute coffee shop/cafe in town to chat.

5. Lunch with my grandparents. We went to one of my favorite places in Tampa, Piquant. I got the Power Salad, which I order 99% of the time. It’s that good.

4. Going blondish. I guess I’m just an “ish” type of person. I really love the change for summer, though. I sent this picture to my friends and I was laughing because I noticed my sister photobombing at the last-minute. Not the best shot of my hair but you get the gist.

top 10 highlights- blondish

3. Eating this entire boat of sushi. I wish. I had to share…

top 10 highlights- sushi

2. Getting all fancy. Well, not necessarily a highlight but I think it’s worth noting (and documenting for proof) that I wore a dress and heels five days last week.

top 10 highlights

1. My sister’s graduation. The obvious highlight of my week was watching my sister graduate. Our high school has the most beautiful, traditional ceremony and it makes for a very special evening. So proud of her!

top 10 highlights- graduation

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What was your highlight of last week?
When was the last time you got dressed up?

TPA 5k on the Runway + Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday! How about a quick recap of my marvelous weekend?

On Saturday I ran the Tampa International Airport 5k on the Runway. This was my first organized 5k since the good old days of cross country more than four years ago. My dad and his co-workers signed up to run it and because I planned to be home this weekend, I signed up too. It’s funny…I hate the annoyances of flying (specifically delays and American Airlines) but I have an odd fascination with watching planes and thought it would be cool to run so close to them

5k on the runway

From my Instagram

The run started at 8:30 a.m., which was way too late for my liking in the hot Florida months. It was the easiest course you could ever imagine…a straight line out and back on the runway, flat as a pancake. The way out was breezy, the way back felt like a desert.

5k on the runway

My runs have been around 9 min/mile lately so I was pleasantly surprised to finish in 23:12. I was 1st in my age group and 66th out of 1300 runners. Obviously it was a small race and my time is not really fast at all but it made me curious what I could run if I actually incorporated speed work every once in a while. My 5k PR is around 21 (I think) but again, that was more than four years ago. Do PR expire?!

5k on the runway

There were mile markers but no clocks/splits. I should have run with Run Keeper but forgot. I would have liked to see what my time was for each mile. Overall, it was an awesome start to my Saturday morning! Low-key but great energy and a cool environment/course.

Two other weekend highlights:

Prom pictures for my beautiful sister.

5k on the runway

Followed by Fresh Kitchen for dinner. I swear this place never gets old.

5k on the runway

From my Instagram. Citrus chicken, tuna, honey-ginger carrots, coconut cauliflower, brown rice and kale slaw. Devoured.

When was your last 5k?
Prom —> love or hate? I had a blast at my senior prom.