Workouts 5/3 – 5/9

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s and mom’s-to-be! Special shout out to my saint of a mom. I’m so happy I get to spend the day with her. Last I heard she wants us to go on a family run before brunch, sounds good to me!

Here are my plank-a-day photos for Jen’s challenge. The first 7 days were full plank variations and now we are moving into forearm planks/variations. Because I’m writing this on Friday I’ve only done Sunday – Friday of planks.

Plank challenge

Sunday: oblique twist; Monday: leg raises; Tuesday: Shoulder taps; Wednesday: Donkey kicks; Thursday: Arm & leg extended; Friday: Basic forearm plank

Sunday: Wings For Life World Run (11.6 miles). When I say I was not prepared to run that far, I mean I was NOT prepared to run that far. I took 2 naps and spent most of the day on the couch compression-wearing and eating. Just goes to show how a gradual build-up to long runs is the smart way to approach training.

Monday: Yoga at Rina Yoga. I had the opportunity to try out a new-to-me yoga studio in Miami courtesy of PeerFit. PeerFit is a ClassPass-like system in Florida that is affiliated with SO many studios, some of which I haven’t seen on the ClassPass list (although I haven’t used ClassPass). This was a pretty easy class with lots of stretching, which is all I wanted to do.

Tuesday: Off. I expected to be ready to run but my legs were still sore from Sunday. I had an exam this morning anyway so resting/being lazy for the rest of the day worked in my favor.

Wednesday: Spin. Last Spin class of the semester! I took it really easy and just told everyone to crank up the resistance ;). If I didn’t have to teach I probably would have taken the day off again.

Thursday: 5 miles. My legs felt mostly normal and I did a lot of foam rolling after the run.

Friday: 5.5 miles. I did one last run around campus before leaving. While I love my running routes in Miami, I’m super excited to be able to run in NYC this summer.


Saturday: Off.

Happy Sunday! xo

Defining “Out of Shape”

In the blog world it seems like everyone is afraid of losing fitness. Not necessarily afraid of taking one rest day (I think/hope), but afraid of “losing” the benefits from training hard. I get that. It can be frustrating when a certain pace used to be easy and now feels challenging. It can be frustrating when a certain weight in the gym used to be a piece of cake and now it’s hard to lift up.

To avoid just preaching….an 8 minute mile is now fast for me, where in high school that was slow. 10 pound dumbbells are my bicep curl weight now, but I could easily use 15 pound dumbbells last summer. Does the fact that I can’t run as fast or lift as heavy now mean I’m out of shape? Should I be upset that I can’t do those things anymore? I think we (myself included) need to start looking at the bigger picture and stop placing such an importance on maintaining a certain level of fitness.

Thanks to Amanda for letting me Think Out Loud!


Out of curiosity I Googled what regular ol’ people (aka not bloggers or fitness professionals) thought it meant to be physically “in shape.” The most common answers, other than “there’s no one definition” and a few aesthetic descriptions, were eye-opening. I read forums and comments on posts to make this list…

-“Being able to walk up the steps without being out of breath”
-“Being able to do what I want or need to do without a problem”
-“Having a healthy relationship with my mind and body”
-“Performing daily tasks like walking to work and carrying groceries easily”
-“Keeping bone density and flexibility”
-“Running when I want, practicing yoga when I want”

90% of what I read said nothing about running a certain distance or speed, lifting a certain weight, doing crazy inversions or the like. The definitions weren’t based on a number. They were holistic and definitely refreshing to read.

The blog world can throw a lot of things out of perspective, but it’s not just all online. For example, just last week someone at the gym who recently ran the Boston Marathon told me she felt “out of shape.” This was one week post-race. Luckily I’m in a place where I can roll my eyes and laugh to myself. I know her standards out of the norm.

defining out of shape

I’m sure I’ve written something before about feeling out of shape, but I’m making a conscious effort to put my standards into perspective. No, I can’t run a super speedy mile but I can run. No, I can’t lift super heavy but I (try to) lift. Just because a workout that used to be easy for someone (me) is now hard does not mean that person is out of shape. Maybe out of practice, depending on the exercise, but not out of shape. I think some people get anxious about taking time off from exercise because they don’t want to “start from scratch.” Over the years I’ve distanced myself from that mindset, which I’m not saying is inherently good or bad. It’s just healthier for me, especially since I’m not an elite or getting paid to perform at a certain level.

So while our definitions of in shape and out of shape are very individual, I hope we can all stop exaggerating the terms to mean something they’re not. A week or more off from exercise is not the end-all-be-all. So what if the first few workouts back are more challenging than normal? There are more important things that we I should be worried about.

What does being in or out of shape mean to YOU?

Workouts 4/26 – 5/2

Three days of strength training? Who am I? Whenever I’m home I really enjoy going to my mom’s class (she’s a personal trainer and group fitness instructor!) so I was glad to have been around on one of the days she teaches.

As for running, today (Sunday) I am running the Wings For Life World Run as part of a campaign with Puma and FitFluential so I took Saturday off. I’ll be back with a race recap Tuesday!

I also did my planks as part of Jen’s Plank A Day Challenge. We’ve only had two days so far, so here are the pictures for Friday and Saturday. I plan to post the previous week of photos next Sunday. I need to work on lowering my butt more, especially in the second picture.

Day 1: Max hold full plank. I did it for 2 minutes 34 seconds. Day 2: Full plank cheetah crunches. 3 x 60 seconds

5/1: Max hold full plank. I did it for 2 minutes 34 seconds. 5/2: Full plank cheetah crunches. 3 x 60 seconds

Sunday: 5.25 miles with my dad. We ran outside and even though we started around 7 a.m., it wasn’t enough to beat the heat. It was one of those runs where I was still sweating after I showered.

Monday: 25 minutes of weights. I did mainly back and chest moves.

Tuesday: My mom’s 30 minute weight class. I requested triceps and shoulders :). There were 3 circuits with 4 moves in each. We did each exercise for one minute and repeated it twice before moving on to the next circuit.

Wednesday: 3.5 miles. I ran 15 minutes out and 15 minutes back. I was happy to get in a quick run before traveling back to Miami.

Thursday: Hot yoga. I hadn’t been to yoga in a while and the class was a good mix of challenging and relaxing. We did this fun plyometric sequence where we transitioned from chair to boat pose, back to chair and jumped up. We repeated fast for 10 reps.

Friday: 4.5 miles + 20 minutes of weights. I started my run at 9:45 a.m. That’s 9:45 NOT 6:45 like normal. We had a cold front toward the end of the week and the weather was perfect.

Saturday: Off

Happy Sunday! xo