19 Lessons From My 19th Year

It’s my birthday! I have officially entered a new decade. Bring on the 20’s.

Let’s get this out of the way before I continue…yes I’m a junior in college and I’m just now turning 20. I started kindergarten early and have been younger than my friends my entire life. I like to tell people I’m younger because I skipped a grade. They don’t need to know that “grade” was a year of pre-school. Moving on…

19 was a pretty great year. For it being the awkward year between two milestone birthdays it was filled with many highs. Some months felt like they flew by (where’d you go, November and December?) others dragged on. To “celebrate” my birthday I wanted to share some of the sayings, pieces of advice and random lessons from my year.

In no particular order, 19 lessons I’ve learned in my 19th year


Marathons are NOT easy. I probably could have told you that last year, though. It was an incredible personal and athletic accomplishment but it was by no means a walk in the park.

A little KINDness goes a long way. Working for KIND has shown me the true power of a small act of kindness.

The beach can cure most problems. If not, a nap on the beach sure will.

Blogging is hard work, but so fulfilling. The connections I’ve made with people have exceeded all my expectations.

Friendship doesn’t mean you have to talk every day (or week). My best friends live far away so it’s nice knowing that we can go a long time without seeing each other and still be best friends.

College doesn’t have to be the “best four years of your life.” I mentioned this a few weeks ago but it’s something I finally learned this year. It would be kind of sad if these were the best four years…what does that mean for the rest of your life? I think every stage can be the best time of your life.

Work is rewarding. But it’s work. I have 3 jobs on campus and had a full-time summer internship. The money and experience have been great, but that does not mean it hasn’t been hard. I’ve learned to spend my money very wisely.

My running mojo will come and go…and that’s OK. I’ve learned that I can take a few weeks off and still be considered a runner. I had a few intentional and unintentional running breaks this year, and while I missed the endorphins, I found other things that make me happy.

My body is pretty smart…and I should listen to it more often.

I don’t have to be flexible to love yoga. Trust me, I lead the pack of tight hamstrings and hips.

Cooking a good meal is very satisfying, but it tastes better when it’s made by someone else my mom.

My dog is my favorite person in the world. Yes, person.

The little things add up to a wonderful, happy life. Like a note from a friend or a perfectly ripe avocado.

I’m in control of my future.

Everyone should watch the Ellen Show everyday. It’s good for the soul.

I don’t need to get a 4.0 to be happy or successful.

I don’t always have to know the answer. What do you want to do after college? Where do you want to live? What do you want for dinner? Sometimes “I don’t know” is the right answer.

Sometimes, sitting on the couch and doing nothing is the answer ^^

Family, friends and Friends are the best therapy.

Happy New Year! What were your top 3 moments from 2014?

The Year in Running (2014)

2014: The year I ran my first and second marathon. While those races basically sum up my running year, there was more to the story. I’m linking up with Miss Zippy and sharing some of my running highlights from 2014.


Best race experience? I’m giving two answers here. First up, the NYC Marathon. It was an incredible, once in a lifetime (but hopefully more) experience. Being able to run through the best city in the world and feel the support from the crowds made the race unforgettable. I’ve never worked harder to finish a race and it was humbling. However, my personal experience was not the best due to the weather (just being honest). Also, as anyone who has run this race knows, it’s expensive, you have to get to the start very early and it takes time to exit the park.


For that reason, the Miami Beach 1/2 Marathon in March was my favorite “race logistics” experience. It’s a smaller race and I spent only $80 for my entry fee (compared to the almost $300 for NYC). I didn’t need to get to the start line more than 10 minutes early and the start and finish were a block away from each other. I also think it makes a difference when you can sleep in your own bed the night before a race.

Miami beach half marathon- March 2014

Miami Beach Half Marathon- March 2014

Best run? Hands down my 12 miler during NYC training. It wasn’t anything extra special but I remember the weather had just turned in Florida so it was in the 60’s. No aches or pains and I got to run on Bayshore, my favorite course in the world.


Best new piece of gear? My fuel belt (blue thing under my bib). I got it right before my first marathon and with pockets in the front and back, it’s perfect for holding food, my phone, money, anything.


Also, my Road I.D. I haven’t taken it off since I got it in September.

Best piece of running advice you received? Rest and recovery is just as important as actually running. It’s an integral part of any training plan. (Paraphrased words from many running bloggers :))

Also, my favorite running quote (has been for many years)



Most inspirational runner? Tina from Fuel Your Future With Tina. She’s an elite athlete with an incredibly healthy, balanced perspective on running and life. I’ve learned a lot from her posts this year.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? Challenging but extremely fulfilling.

2015 you have a lot to live up to!