The Little Things…

Because it’s the small moments and experiences that build up to a wonderful life. Here are some of the little things that have made me happy lately.

-A perfectly ripe avocado. How often does that happen?! For me, never.


I promise it was perfectly ripe even if the picture doesn’t support my claim ;)

-No traffic on the commute home from work. When the drive time is cut in half, I’m a happy camper!

-Not having to set an alarm clock (two days a week). Does anyone else sleep 100x better when they don’t set an alarm at night? I prefer to rise with the sun not with my iPhone’s ding.

-A big plate of watermelon. All to myself. No, I don’t share. Note: If I share my watermelon with you, you must really be special.


-Casual Fridays at work. But in my opinion, it will never be casual enough until we can wear yoga pants.

-Texts from my Nana. She just started texting and our conversations make my day.


-Nightly cuddles with this teddy bear. He looks miserable, but I swear he’s not ;)




What little things have made you happy lately?




  1. thelindzhaz says

    The little things in life are the best! The Popsicle I had last night with my husband made me really happy!

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