Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert?

Extroverts: gain energy from being with people; loud, outgoing

Introverts: gain energy by spending time alone; shy, private

That’s it, right?

For a long time that’s what I believed. I thought that because I had mostly introverted qualities that was my label. I’m private, have a small group of friends and like spending time alone. I took that “label” to heart and started using it as an excuse for things. But I hate labels, especially ones that aren’t fully inclusive of my personality. Because I like spending time alone does it mean I always want to do that? No. Like most things in life, personalities aren’t black and white. So where is the gray area in this case?

The other day I came across a Buzzfeed article and learned a new word: ambivert. Coincidentally, Sarah posted the article on Twitter later. I swear we are mind twins.

Ambivert (n): one whose personality type is intermediate between extrovert and introvert.



I found myself nodding along in agreement to many points on the Buzzfeed list. Why did it take so long for this to become recognized personality type? Guess what, most people are ambiverts. Even if some psychologists and spellcheck don’t recognize it, ambiverts are real. We like being social but we also like our quiet time. We may not be the craziest person at the party but we are outgoing in our own ways.

Case in point…I spent all day Saturday in my apartment doing homework and watching Netflix. I got lonely antsy and spent most of Sunday out with friends. Balance. While I might go through social and anti-social phases, I’m learning to find that happy medium.

I think many people assume that most bloggers are introverts because, well, we have virtual friends and talk to a computer. But to write a variety of posts we need experience, relationships, activities with others.



I don’t think you need a personality test to know who you are.  Whenever we take these tests we do some self-evaluation and recognize things we like and dislike about ourselves. That being said, instead of picking apart your personality, focus on understanding what makes you unique. Learning how you best interact with others can help you grow personally and professionally.

If you take a test and the results aren’t accurate, don’t sweat it. Take the results with a grain of salt. If nothing else, it’s a good distraction from real work ;)

*End of random thoughts.

Where do you fall on the personality spectrum? 


  1. Linda @ The Fitty says

    I’m an introvert or extrovert completely depending on who I’m with. Among extroverts, i am shy. Among. Introverts, I will seem extroverted!
    Linda @ The Fitty recently posted…The 3 Secret Ingredients For Perfect Chocolate Chili!My Profile

  2. Eryn @ A Glimpse Into Eryn's World says

    This is great! I always identified more with introvert, but after reading this I’m definitely an ambivert! I love my routines, and being home. But I love when there is something new and exciting on the horizon!
    Eryn @ A Glimpse Into Eryn’s World recently posted…In the Event of A Blizzard….My Profile

  3. Brie @ Lean, Clean, & Brie says

    Just read the BuzzFeed article and found myself saying YES to every single one! I definitely fall in between on the introvert and extrovert spectrum. I always just assumed I was an introvert since I didn’t have those major extrovert traits, but I still love being with people, but also spending time on my own.
    Brie @ Lean, Clean, & Brie recently posted…Insta-LifeMy Profile

  4. Holly @ Nut Free Nerd says

    I totally agree! There are times when I just want to be by myself, and then there are times when I feel like I need to be around other people to sort of recharge. It’s nice that there’s an actual word for this! :)

  5. Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine says

    Introverts can be in a group for awhile, just not all the time and when they are, they usually need more time to “heal” and be alone afterwards! I feel like I am very extroverted on my blog, but in real life, I am 100% fine by myself all the time, haha!
    Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine recently posted…All You Need Is MomentumMy Profile

    • Emily says

      We need to be with people to make memories, laugh, experience friendship and love! But I need to re-charge after socializing for a while.

  6. pickyrunner says

    Well you already know my thoughts on this but I definitely think blogging does bring out the more “extroverted” side of me for some reason. Not that I’m only an introvert in real life (I’m not), but I’m more likely to be comfortable interacting and sharing online. I think you’re right- we share the same brain ;)
    pickyrunner recently posted…In this moment…My Profile

    • Emily says

      I agree. Blogging as made me tune in (or turn on) my extroverted qualities. Not to say they always carry over to real life, but it’s helped.

  7. Emily @ Sweets and Beets says

    Ahh, I’m the same way! It’s such a guilty pleasure to spend a night in and kind of closed off from the world (haha), but then I usually feel bad about it and overcompensate by wanting to be social all the next day. Just like you said — but there’s nothing wrong with either scenario. No right or wrong answers! =)
    Emily @ Sweets and Beets recently posted…Body Pump 92 Review {A Student’s Perspective}My Profile

  8. [email protected] Apple of My Eye says

    I completely agree with you on this one! I’ve never thought things were so cut and dry between introverts and extroverts. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle and classifying people as one or the other is just not accurate AT ALL. Greta post!
    [email protected] Apple of My Eye recently posted…Iced Berry Oatmeal Breakfast MuffinsMy Profile

  9. Fatema says

    I’ve always thought of myself as a bit of both, but I didn’t realise that there was a term for it! It’s kinda awesome knowing that. I’m so glad you wrote about this, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have known for a very very long time haha!
    Fatema recently posted…Wardrobe Essentials for just £50!My Profile

  10. Farrah says

    Oh, spellcheck… It doesn’t recognize my name as something real, so I don’t take it too seriously either. I’m definitely an ambivert as well, although I lean more towards being introverted these days. I think I’m probably just selective with who I choose to spend my time with. :D
    Farrah recently posted…Overcoming Unhealthy Temptations & CravingsMy Profile

    • Emily says

      I’m very selective too. I enjoy spending my time with a small, close group of friends rather than at large events.

  11. Jess @hellotofit says

    I definitely feel like I’m in-between!! As a personal trainer, I work with people ALL day, and the last thing I want to do when I get home is be “on” again with roommates. I like the quiet time to wind-down (and maybe relax the smiling-muscles for a minute), but I love the energy of being around people I love :) great post!
    Jess @hellotofit recently posted…Link Love #2 and a winter routineMy Profile

    • Emily says

      Thanks, Jess! I must be hard to have to be “on” all day with your clients. I sometimes feel that way during class, but really I don’t have to talk haha.

  12. Rebecca @ MyEagerFeet says

    I’m definitely far on the introvert side! I have a few friends that energize me when I spend time with them, but everyone else drains me. If I don’t have one day a weekend to just relax on my own, I feel very cranky and tired. I can put myself out there if I have to, but it really zaps my energy.
    Rebecca @ MyEagerFeet recently posted…Run Less Run Faster: Week ThirteenMy Profile

    • Emily says

      Yes I definitely need my me-time to recharge. It’s hard for non-introverts to understand but being with people all the time is exhausting.

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