TOL: Sunsets and Sneakers

Thinking Out Loud Thursday always comes at the best time. Lots of random things going on lately. I sure do love lists…


1. I just got back from a (very) quick family vacation. We took a last-minute overnight trip to the beach to soak up the last few days of summer. I know everyone says this, but seriously, where did summer go?!


2. Sunsets on the water never get old.


3. Pretty sure I ate every color of the rainbow for lunch yesterday (I had grapes and blueberries on the side) #delicious

4. Finally- new running sneakers! I’ve been wearing only one pair for two months now (breaking a cardinal runners rule, I know) so I’m glad I can start rotating shoes again. Bonus that they were on sale!

5. This whole not working thing is kind of nice. I can see how after a few weeks I would get restless but my to-do list and naps have happily filled my time.

6. My two best friends both unknowingly tagged me in this Instagram photo…


7. I’m finally getting my hair cut today. It has been way too long since my last visit and, in turn, my hair has gotten way too long. My ponytail bothers me so much when I run and I’m tired of dealing with knots. Can you tell I have a low-key beauty routine? Not going too short, just slightly below my shoulders. I’m thinking this length…


8. Made it to a Body Pump class on Tuesday. I haven’t been in a few weeks so my legs felt it yesterday (thank you, squats). The class was half Body Pump half CX-Works (a Les Mills core-focused class). I didn’t love all the CX-Works tracks but the class served its purpose and worked my abs.

9. Want to know what I’m beyond excited for? Football. Yes, football. Pre-season is underway and we are less than 30 days until the official first game. The Eagles are kind of my life and I’m so ready for kickoff.


10. Living in the now. My mind keeps racing toward August 21 when I head back to school. That day might as well be tomorrow with the amount I think about it. While I’m trying to take the next two weeks to mentally prepare for the transition, I’m also trying to soak up the now and make the most of my time at home. Challenge accepted.

Thanks, Amanda!

Who’s your favorite football team?

Do you like your hair long or short?

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  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says

    I haven’t had short hair since I was a little kid, so I’m definitely going to say that I prefer mine on the longer side. That being said, I haaaaaaate the maintenance that comes with it… why can’t I have the best of both worlds?! But I seriously need to get my butt in a hairdresser chair as well — I’m way overdue for a trim!

  2. Gina Alyse (@GinaAlyse) says

    Hi Emily! I’m so glad I found your blog through HCBN! I am a college student too and I ran cross country in high school (I’m trying to get back into my longer runs this summer!) I loved hearing about the snippets of you in this post. I’m so glad you had the chance to go to the beach and enjoy the end of summer. I don’t know where it went either! And your lunch looks super delicious! I can already tell I will enjoy your blog! :)

    xo, gina

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