Relaxing My Mind & Body

I didn’t take many pictures this weekend because, frankly, I didn’t do anything picture-worthy.

Actually, I didn’t do anything. It was perfect.

Linking up to MIMM. Thanks for always starting the week off on a positive note, Katie!

Relaxing My Mind & Body |

Lots of slow walks out here. Too beautiful.

When I come home, for any length of time, I snap into “relaxation” mode pretty quickly. Not that I’m not relaxed in Miami, but there’s something about being home that relieves any pressure and expectations. Pressure to be productive, to workout and to eat healthy. There’s no structure at home, other than my mandatory naps, and it’s been freeing.

I often feel the need to justify my choices, particularly those that involve being lazy on the couch, because I feel guilty. Everyone else in the (blog) world is working, working out, raising a family and contributing to society, so they have the right to downtime when they choose. What gives me the right to do nothing? Then I start listing all the things I’ve done and it becomes another comparison tirade.

Not cool. Not fair. Not worth my time.

To be honest, after my first lazy day on Friday I was both embarrassed and concerned over how tired I was. I couldn’t (and still can’t) pinpoint exactly what caused this wave of exhaustion because my exercise has been very light and school hasn’t been super crazy. But I was definitely feeling burned out. It felt good to finally admit and accept it.

I’ve slept the best I have since winter break and I’ve taken multiple naps during the day. I’ve also been eating to my heart’s/stomach’s content with more snacks than normal, larger portions and different foods, all while ignoring the clock. If I wanted a second lunch at 3 p.m., I ate it. A heavier mid-morning snack, why not? Sure, part of this is because I have access to more food at home, but this change is due, in part, to relaxation.

My nap partner says hi

My nap partner says hi

I have some activities planned for the week but I’m going to ride this train as long as I can. Some people may get antsy if they aren’t productive, but I’ve learned that if I let myself get bored now I will come back more energized, passionate and excited later. I think after this week at home that I will feel refreshed in all aspects of my life.

The same thing goes for workouts/training schedules. We can’t always be training for a race, so taking a break longer than 2 or 3 days (in a row…gasp) shouldn’t be seen as a setback. It’s sometimes what we need to come back stronger, mentally and physically.

Here’s to a marvelous week of fully decompressing and thinking longterm. (Side note: I’m not sure what blogging will look like, but I’ll probably post a few days). One week away from routine won’t kill you. In fact, it might be just what you (and I) need.

What do you do to fully relax?
College students: what are your spring break plans?


  1. Linda @ The Fitty says

    I so, so SO needed to hear this right now.

    1. I have been feeling MORE tired without exercise lately, and it gets me anxious and confused and scared, a little bit.

    2. Sometimes I deal with bingeing, especially on rest days when I’m at home.

    3. I’m trying to take a week off of my usual training schedule and do really light exercises like yoga.
    Linda @ The Fitty recently posted…Meditation + I Ate Dairy and Nuts + Other TidbitsMy Profile

  2. Sarah @pickyrunner says

    You deserve that relaxation! Whenever I go home I all of a sudden feel like I’m completely exhausted. It happens every single time. I never understood why but I think you’re right- you are able to relax so much easier at home so you finally let your body catch up with you. Enjoy every second of your week at home! I would kill for a spring break right now :)
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…3/1-3/7My Profile

  3. Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine says

    It feels so good to be sleeping in my own bed. After 1 day I already feel 1000000x times better! I think I need this “recharge” before that last push of the semester!
    Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine recently posted…Power Monday #70 Why Affirmations Don’t Always WorkMy Profile

  4. Renee @ Bendiful Blog says

    Your nap partner is adorable! I wouldn’t leave him! I nursed my bum foot this weekend and went 2 days without doing much of anything, I’m feeling the anxiety now. I’m still stuck in a snowbank here so any photos that show sunshine instantly give me a boost of energy! Spring get here ALREADY!
    Renee @ Bendiful Blog recently posted…5 Must Have Kitchen Staples for Weight LossMy Profile

  5. Emily @ Sweets and Beets says

    Girl that’s what spring break is for! :) Your mind and body are probably catching up from half a semester’s worth of craziness. No justification needed – you deserve it! :)
    Emily @ Sweets and Beets recently posted…Worth A Read: Whole Lotta Love for Whole FoodsMy Profile

  6. Georgie Morley says

    You’re 100% right you don’t need to justify your choices at all! Relaxation is so so so important just like recovery from working out (which is actually when we get stronger).
    There’s so much pressure to be “on” all the time, but finding ways to turn off makes your time on so much more productive! I notice that even in my long runs, I’ll take a minute walking break halfway through and then be able to power through the rest. Have a fantastic week!
    Georgie Morley recently posted…My Boston Sweat-venturesMy Profile

  7. Rebecca @ MyEagerFeet says

    I totally understand how you feel – I always felt so guilty doing nothing and sleeping hours and hours during break! But you totally deserve it (and I’m jealous now that I don’t have breaks!). I find even now spending time at my parents’ is so relaxing because I know it will always be quiet (unlike my apartment) and it’s just “away” from my normal routine.
    Rebecca @ MyEagerFeet recently posted…South Carolina RecapMy Profile

  8. Liv @ Healthy Liv says

    Just EXISTING in college in general can be tiring haha! Even if a semester isn’t particularly stressful, you deserve a restful week :)
    Liv @ Healthy Liv recently posted…Sweet Potato, Black Bean, & Lentil Vegetarian ChiliMy Profile

  9. May says

    I’m all about taking some time off – especially for people like us who are always packing in the activities because we feel like we have to do it all! Mental health and relaxation fits right into taking care of ourselves – I’m so happy to hear you did just that! Hope you have a good one, my friend!
    May recently posted…Grocery Haulin’ Tuesday (3/10/15)My Profile

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