Little Things I Love About NYC

Since I’ve been in New York I’ve written about changefood and fitness. I’ve written about some of the challenges I’ve experienced and some of the adventures I’ve taken. While all those things may still be true, I realized I haven’t shared all the little things I love about this place.

I’m linking up to Amanda today because this post is pure Thinking Out Loud.

what I love about new york city

What I Love About New York City

The variety of gluten-free restaurants. Just the food options in general are amazing.

Runner and biker friendly paths. Pedestrians rule the city.

You can walk everywhere. And I do.

The plethora of farmer’s markets and fruit stands.

No one is above using the subway (or at least they shouldn’t be). It’s the best and easiest form of transportation.

But, if you are above the subway or enjoy walking (like me), it’s super easy to get around. It’s laid out like a grid.

That you can be inside a store or apartment and completely forget you’re in the city until the moment you step outside. Best of both worlds??

The TODAY Show, Fallon and Kelly & Michael all film here. I’ve been to 2/3 of those shows.

That celebrities roam the streets and just blend in. See this evidence.

Friends took place here. Even though it wasn’t filmed here, it’s reason enough to love this place.

The shopping. I am NOT a shopper but even I have enjoyed going into stores and/or window shopping.

The concerts, award shows, sports games and major events that take place here.

Having everything you need be pretty much right around the corner.

The parks….Madison Square Park, Washington Square Park, Central Park as well as the smaller lesser-name parks in neighborhoods.

Central Park. Yes, again. It deserves its own line of recognition.

The entertaining, albeit weird, things you see on the streets.

The energy…it wakes you up. Cliche but true.

That everyday can be as routine OR adventurous as you want. The options are limitless.

I’m sure I’ll add to this list as the summer continues. No, life isn’t happy-go-lucky everyday and I still feel all those emotions I previously wrote about, but when those feelings arise I’m trying to return to this list and focus on the good.

Subway, walk or cab? Depends on the weather for me.
Fallon or Kimmel?


  1. Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine says

    I do love the fact that you can walk EVERYWHERE in cities (in the summer it’s lovely…but the winter…not so much)….but still ;)
    Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine recently posted…BBQ Beet FriesMy Profile

  2. Rachel says

    I’m dying to go to New York! All of these things just make me want to visit more. It sounds incredible!

  3. Sam @ See Sam Run says

    I used to go to NYC a lot because my brother lived there for a few years. You’re making me miss my trips!! I like both Fallon and Kimmel but would pick Fallon! I’d love to see a live taping. I saw Conan when he was in NY and it was really cool! Did you see Kelly and Michael?
    Sam @ See Sam Run recently posted…And the Survey Says…My Profile

  4. Jamie says

    I always walked from Grand Central to work on the UES (a little over 20 blocks), but if I had to, usually because of weather, I’d take the subway. I never took a cab while I commuted! A fact I’m very proud of : ) And I’m a total Jimmy Fallon kinda girl ! If you saw Kelly & Michael I’m super jealous. Love them!!
    Jamie recently posted…#BreakYouMake ProjectMy Profile

  5. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says

    Ugh. All these things are just making me want to visit NYC! I went when I was a tiny little thing, but definitely didn’t appreciate all the things the city had to offer. And I’m a walker for sure. I’d take the subway if I had to go somewhere super far, but I’m not a fan of cabs. Oh… and Fallon all the way <3
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #135 .My Profile

  6. She Rocks Fitness says

    I would honestly live there if it weren’t for the brutal winters and that it is SO expensive! HAHAHA! In the meantime, I will just have to visit my friends and soak up all its awesomeness. Glad you are enjoying it! The walking everywhere is so wonderful! XOXO
    She Rocks Fitness recently posted…WIAW…Early Half Marathon TrainingMy Profile

  7. Sarah @pickyrunner says

    There are things you’ll find you do and don’t like in every city, so I’m glad you’re seeing so many positives! I love visiting New York, although it’s not a place I’ve ever been burning to live. It’s such a huge city and the best part about it is that there’s always something to do!
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Sometimes I Have FriendsMy Profile

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