WIAW: “You Eat A Lot”

I know I said I probably wouldn’t regularly take part in WIAW (because I eat a lot of the same things), but today I’m joining in the fun because I have a food-related topic on my mind.

I present what I ate on Tuesday…not every last bite and random handful of almonds, but you’ll get the gist.


“A lot” is a very subjective description. Depending on what you’re referring to, “a lot” can take different meanings. For example, what may be a lot of money to a homeless person, may not be for you. What may be a lot of homework for a high schooler, may not be for someone in college. Get what I’m saying?

Breakfast: The usual two bowls of oatmeal with peanut butter and fruit

Breakfast: The usual two bowls of oatmeal with peanut butter and fruit

A few nights ago I was eating my very normal dinner and, when I finished, my roommate said “you ate all of that? Damn girl, you eat a lot!” She was obviously being very casual and did not mean for me to take it personally but her comment took me by surprise. I didn’t think anything about the size of my meal. In fact, I thought it was smaller than normal.

But it got me thinking…Was my dinner “a lot” of food? Should I not have eaten that much? What is considered a normal meal? 

I responded confidently with, “Yup. I do eat a lot. I’m a hungry girl.” No justifications or further explanations. 

Snack: KIND bar in between class

Lunch: Turkey, avocado and mixed greens on a GF wrap. Carrots on the side.

Four years ago I might have taken her comment in a completely different way. I would have assumed that the amount I was eating was “wrong,” too much or not healthy. But I’m luckily in a place where I don’t give a second thought to what I’m eating (other than it being GF, obviously). If I’m hungry, I eat. If that means having a double or triple helping at dinner or eating two bowls of oatmeal instead of one (<–one packet is nothing), then I do it.

It’s no secret that being active can increase one’s appetite. Sometimes I call my hunger “runger” (hunger after running), but most of the time, my hunger level is pretty much stable. Granted, some days I don’t have much of an appetite, but that’s pretty rare.

Again, just restating all the over-preached advice, I really try to honor my body. That means giving it what it needs, and what it wants. It needs nutrition in volume and of variety. It usually wants something involving peanut butter.

Dinner: Baked salmon, sweet potato and roasted broccoli

On the flip side, what I eat may not be “a lot” for someone else. Someone could look at my meals and form an opinion, positive or negative, about my health without even knowing me. I’ll admit I have a very lean frame (thanks, Dad), so people are surprised when they see the amount I eat.

I guess if you measured what I ate, it would be considered “more than the recommended intake.” But that doesn’t mean you can assume anything. I am very active, still growing (I think/hope) and I eat pretty healthy. OK, healthyish.

WIAW: You eat a lot

Recycled picture of apples and peanut butter because it looks the same every day

One day I’ll probably have to change the amount I eat because my metabolism won’t always be as fast as it is now (that will be a sad day). But that’s for me and my body to discuss. Again, my roommate meant no harm in saying what she said, however, it was a friendly reminder to keep doing what works for me.

My normal is not your normal. Your normal is not my normal. As long as we’re healthy, we’re doing a good job.

Has someone ever commented about your food?

Favorite nighttime snack?


  1. Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy says

    I don’t think people realize how much their words can impact, but I think when it does happen because life is life, just don’t take it to heart and move on.

    Wil you be psrtiipating in #LIPlinkup this Friday, Emily?

  2. Aly H says

    I feel like I always get this response when I go home ALL the time! It gets annoying and, like you, a few years ago I assumed it meant that there was something wrong with me and that I shouldn’t eat that much. But you just have to listen to your own body and not care about what other people think, even though that can be hard.

    • Emily says

      It can definitely be hard to not care what other people (media/friends/family) think. But only we know what’s going on with ourselves!

  3. Strength and Sunshine says

    I eat so much too! (At least I think I do). I can’t even imagine how my roommates don’t even eat breakfast!? I eat so much at breakfast and really all day long, haha I feel like I am always eating, but my body needs the fuel and it works for me!

    • Emily says

      I will never understand the “not eating breakfast” thing. Maybe once in a blue moon but people do it every day! I’m always starving when my feet hit the ground.

  4. sweetsandbeets says

    Omg, I totally get it. I eat a lot too, and I’ve definitely gotten comments about it that made me self conscious! I love your attitude around it, though. And anyway … life is happier our way. ;)

  5. pickyrunner says

    I hear you. People ALWAYS comment on how much I eat and I’ve gotten so many comments about my ability to eat obscene amounts of ice cream or carrots or pizza or whatever else it is I’m eating. I eat a lot of food and I’m okay with it. 2 years ago I would have probably cried. Now, I’m proud that I eat according to my hunger. Sometimes people will comment that I’m not eating much- I’m not hungry. Other times people will say I’m eating a ton- I’m starving. That’s all there is to it and we can only do what our bodies want. Nobody else knows what our stomach is asking for at that moment!

    • Emily says

      Even when I eat a lot of “healthy” food at one time (fruit, vegetables) I get those comments too. Eating according to our own hunger and not to societal standards or peer pressure is something to be proud of. And I get hangry very easily, so eating when I’m hungry is good for everyone’s sanity.

  6. The Honeybee Home says

    I usually have people tell me I don’t eat enough when I’m at work, but it’s because I eat A LARGE breakfast and dinner. I feel insulted that they think I don’t eat enough. Everyone’s body is different and mine just doesn’t get hungry in the middle of the day. But, I’m okay with that, and I love breakfast! :)

    • Emily says

      Just proves that no one knows our bodies better than us. I actually find that I’m not my hungriest in the middle of the day either. Oh and I love my breakfast, too :)

  7. Shannon says

    Fast metabolisms are always a blessing. This was such a great reminder to honor your body and not worry about other criticisms and comments!

  8. Lauren says

    I eat a lot too-girl you’re fine! I don’t know how some people eat so little! I love my dinner plate loaded (esp with veggies) and frequently go back for extra if it’s yummy. And YES one packet of oatmeal is SO small :)

  9. Yi says

    You totally hit home with this! People are always commenting about my eating because I’m a frequent eater/snacker so I’m constantly eating. It gets annoying sometimes but I don’t let it get to me. I’m proud to be a Snack Attack! :)


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