Workout Recap & Weekly Reads #4

Just stopping in today to recap my week in workouts. A little more running than last week, plus I managed to fit in 2 yoga classes (that makes me very happy).

Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday: 4 miles + abs
Friday: Orange Theory (3.5 miles)- The weight room workout was a mix of plyometrics and rowing.
Saturday: Body Pump + yoga
Sunday: Yoga


And for some of my favorite reads from this week:

This Summer- I hope everyone develops this mindset and makes the most of their summer.

Why I’ve Stopped Telling You How Bloated I Feel Today- a fantastic post about changing the conversation around our bodies.

How Laughter is Actually Our Sixth Sense And Key To A Happy Life- all the more reason to watch Friends and Jimmy Fallon every night.

You’ve Already Achieved Your Perfect Bikini Body- “My body is body-shaped and all bodies are good bodies” <— This…and other good mantras to remember this summer (and every day)


Happy Sunday! GO USA!

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