Workouts and Weekly Reads #5

Hello from paradise!


My family and I arrived at the beach yesterday evening for our week-long vacation. I’m looking forward to simple, lazy days catching up on reading, sleep and sunshine. Quick recap of my workouts and favorite reads from this past week…

Monday- 5 miles

Tuesday- Rest

Wednesday- Orange Theory (total of 3.75 miles and a leg-focused weight circuit)

Thursday- 5 miles

Friday- Orange Theory (3.25 miles and a body weight workout including squats, tricep dips, push-ups, TRX rows and my favorite burpees)

Saturday- Body Pump

Sunday- Yoga and/or a run with my dad


Favorite Reads:

22 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who Doesn’t Drink- Alyssa Bailey via and Yahoo Shine

why i won’t be working for a bikini body this summer- .running with spoons.

WIAW: food guilt- the Real Life RD

8 Realities For Every 20-Something Woman to Embrace While Coming Of Age- Kelly Christensen via Elite Daily

Have an awesome Sunday! xo

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  1. Sarah @pickyrunner says

    YES to the not-drinking article. I don’t understand why it’s not okay for people who don’t to judge people who do, but people who choose to drink are allowed to judge those who don’t. Ugh.

    • Emily says

      I don’t understand it either! I was nodding my head in agreement to practically every item on the list.

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