Workouts + Weekly Reads: Taper Time

I’m going to skip the intro and get right to it…I survived my 20 mile run. In fact, I felt pretty darn great. It feels good to have that confidence boost heading into taper time! I thoroughly enjoyed my post run feast(s) and nap(s). That’s what Saturday’s are for right?

Monday: 5 miles. Nothing eventful except that I felt very sluggish for the first 20 minutes. After that I woke up.

Tuesday: Hot Vinyasa Flow. I need to write a post about my yoga studio soon because it is one of my favorite thing about Miami. We did a lot of backbends, which are my favorite!

Wednesday: 6.25 miles + Spin. Did 400, 800 repeats (3 rounds…I think) with half distance recovery. I pretty much make up these “workouts” as I’m going and I really try to remember what I did afterward. I had an awesome spin class at night and structured the ride like this: 2 songs warm-up; 2 songs hill; 2 songs flats/jumps/speed; repeat sequence starting with hills.

Thursday: 4 miles. Was supposed to do 5 but couldn’t get into it. I had a knot in my right quad and it was kind of bugging me (and of course had me convinced I was severely injured…#overreacted).

Friday: Hot Vinyasa Flow. I requested extra hip openers in preparation for Saturday’s run. My favorite instructor teaches this class and it is always amazing.

Saturday: 20 miles. Averaged a 9:12 pace but I didn’t stop my GPS during 2 of my water stops or at short stop lights. It got super hot during my last 3 miles and my pace slowed down as a result. This was honestly such a beautiful run. I ran through one of my favorite parts of town and loved seeing everyone out there biking/running/walking/playing at the park. Now, it is time to taper.


IMG_7070Sunday: REST. Unless you count getting a massage as exercise ;) My favorite post-run guilty pleasure!

Favorite Posts

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Happy Sunday! xo


  1. sweetsandbeets says

    Aw, thank you so much for the link love, Emily! :) I’m so happy you survived your 20-miler. You’re going to do just great in the marathon! :)

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